Diamond Price & Value Per Carat List [2024 April]

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Understanding diamond prices is a bit complex for newbies. Diamonds are valued on a per carat basis. Carat is a standard measurement unit for weight. Just, like kilograms or ounces for gold, the term “carat” is used with diamonds. 1-carat diamond weight equal to 200 milligrams. Check the below link to learn more about diamond carat or ignore it & read further if you already know.

Read Now Diamond Carat Weight – (Very Important Read)

I believe you have read the above article, as it’s important to know first about diamond carat and then about diamond pricing.

How is Diamond Value Calculated in Trade?

The diamond price is always calculated on a per-carat basis, whether you buy 0.32 carat, 1.27 CT, or 3.04-carat diamond. Let’s do some math to make it easy. For example,

Formula: Diamond Cost = Carat Weight * Price Per Carat

Price for 0.32 carat is 850$ per carat, 1.27 carat is 1800$ per carat & price for  3.04 carat is 4100$ per carat which means :

A ) 0.32 * 850 = 272$ Total for 0.32 ct 

B)  1.27 * 1800 = 2286$ Total for 1.27 ct

C ) 3.04 * 4100 = 12464$ Total for 3.04 ct

But all the major online diamond vendors display the total price, so you don’t have to do math all the time. If you buy a diamond from diamond manufacturers, prices are quoted per carat basis. So, make sure with a salesperson before taking any further decision.

Who set these “Price Per Carat” values?

Most of you might be wondering, from where do these price per carat numbers come from? Well, there are two major organizations named RAPAPORT & IDEX. They set the price per carat from 0.01 to 10.00ct for D-to-N color and FL-to-I2 clarity. However, the RAPAPORT diamond price list  (RAP List) is most commonly used in all major countries. For diamond shapes like princess, oval, heart, etc. Rapaport releases a common price list for all fancy shapes and another list for round-shaped diamonds.

Before, the Rapaport price list was only available to trade members. But, now you can buy one at 50$ from the Rapaport website. These price lists are updated weekly based on demand, supply & other factors. Don’t worry to buy a new price list every week as there are very few % changes or no changes. Or you can even simply comment below your diamond’s carat weight, color, clarity & shape. We don’t mind sharing the latest diamond price as per the RAPAPORT price list.

This Is the Old Price List ( Date – 03/06/10) Just For Reference & Example (request for latest prices, use chat box)

How To Read Diamond Price List?

So, above we have a sample copy of the Rapaport Price List. Let us learn how to read it. For eg, You have to check the price for 1.01 carat, H color, VS2 clarity stone. To know the diamond price you need to know 3 things. Weight, Color, & Clarity of diamond.

As you can see on the above price list image there are different values for every diamond. Here we have 4 different carat weight segments which further can be read in a matrix. So, For 1.01 carat, we have to look at the 1.00-1.49 ct price segment. Then, check color & clarity verticality and horizontally within the matrix.

All the values are in the hundreds. So the price for 1.01 H VS2 is 6300 USD per carat. This is an old price list just used for reference and example. The price per carat for 1.01 H VS2 is 7600 $ ar per the Latest RAPAPORT price list

Get the Latest Diamond Prices 2024 April- Rapaport  Price List

To know the latest Rapaport price you can comment below your diamond’s weight, shape color & clarity. We will revert with the latest 2024 April diamond prices.

These are not standard prices for the diamond, It’s just a base price list.

Rapaport price is the base price on which diamond dealers provide more discounts or ask for premium depending on the diamonds. This makes diamond dealers compete with each other.

What is Back/Discount & Premium from Rapaport Diamond Pricelist?

A) Discount – Percentage of the discount applied to Rapaport base price. Term Discount, Back, Below, and Less all are the same & commonly used in trade.

B) Premium – Percentage of addition in price from Rapaport base price. This means X% addition to the list price. This happens in very few cases.

Example For Discount – 1.01 H Vs2 3EX ( excellent cut, excellent symmetry, excellent polish) with NONE fluorescence is available at a 34% discount. It’s similar to “15% off at Nike Shoes”. Let’s do some math and make it more simple.

RAPAPORT PRICE – % Discount = Price Per Carat * Diamond Carat weight = Total Price

6300$ – 34% = 4158$ per carat price * 1.01 Carat weight = 4199.58 Total price

In case of premium, you have to add % to the Rapaport base price and multiply with carat weight for the total value. (opposite of discount, you have to pay more than list price)

One diamond dealer might provide 1.01 H Vs2  cheap at a 40% discount and others might provide at a 32% discount. WHY? Read further.

>>Are you paying the right price? not sure? use the chatbox on the screen and leave your diamond question with your email address. I will personally review your diamond question and assist you.

Understanding Diamond Price & Find Real Value.

Pricing simply does not rely on the diamond’s colour, clarity, and carat. There are a lot of other factors that determine a diamond’s value. Like, you can even buy GIA 0.50 ct I SI1 at a 45% discount (cheapest) or another similar stone at a 35% discount (expensive)

What makes such a huge difference in pricing with similar certified diamonds?

Factors like diamond fluorescence, diamond cut, symmetry, polish, etc affect most. Another major factor that affects the diamond price is its “CLARITY”. A VS2 diamond with a centre black crystal will be cheaper and a VS2 diamond with eye-clean will cost more. Let’s see the screenshot below from James Allen. How price changes despite all other things ( fluorescence, cut, polish, symmetry) remain the same. It’s due to NICE VS2 and BAD VS2 in simple words.

Diamond Price 2022
Check Both Stone’s 360 Video on James Allen Site, Click on below links

#Diamond 1  (LEFT) – 5900$

#Diamond 2  ( RIGHT) – 6600$

This might shock you, but many people are ripped off paying more for BAD VS2 kind of diamonds. The above example shows how there is a 700 US dollar difference between 2 diamonds while other things remained the same on diamond certificates.

Hence, it is quite important to learn all things before making a final purchase. Or even you can send us an email asking your question. I would be the happiest person to provide you with unbiased views and recommendations –  Get Free Diamond Buying Help Now

I always recommend you to buy GIA or AGS-certified diamonds. Just in case if you are buying a loose diamond without any certificate, Then appraising a non-certified loose diamond on the base of the RAPAPORT price list is not a good idea. As you don’t have authenticity reports from trusted labs or sources. Hence, without knowing the actual stuff you cannot judge the price, right?

Want to know the latest April 2024 RAPAPORT PRICES? Comment below 4 things; Diamond’s carat weight, color, clarity & shape. We will share the latest diamond price.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah is the director of Pasavaja Gems LLP. He holds various diamond education degrees from GIA, De Beers Institute & Rapaport Acadamy. Harsh love assisting people to buy diamonds with his expert buying skills, market knowledge, and years of experience. Being loose diamond as his family business, he always wants to bring transparency and educate customers about diamonds. Apart from running diamond trading & manufacturing operations, he is extremely passionate about Internet Marketing, SEO & SMM.

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    • Hi Winson, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Rapaport price (base price) for 1.13 ct D VS1 is 12100$ per carat. However, discount on base price can be between 33% – 38%. Considering 1.13 D VS1 has 3ex cut and none fluorescence, let find out its price with little math ( I will take 35% discount for this example)

      12100 USD – 35% Discount = 7865$ per carat X 1.13ct actual stone weight = 8887.45 USD total amount.

      I hope you got your answer. Good Day.

    • Hello Dennis, The Rapaport base price per carat for 2.01 ct G SI2 is 10,000 USD per carat. However, according to current markets, you would get it around -36% to -40% discount to the base price assuming it has “None” fluorescence.

      As fluorescence in diamond lowers it prices from 5% to 10%, check out this article to know how fluorescence in diamonds affects its price

      So, if we assume -37% discount, the price for 2.01 G si2 would be 10,000 $ – 37% = 6300 $ price per carat X 2.01 stone weight = 12663 $ Total amount

      Please Note: Discount might slightly vary depending on stones appearance. If it looks better in si2 (center of the diamond i.e table having no or very less nonvisible inclusion) price would be slightly high and if si2 is weak (having big, black inclusion in the center of the table, or stone having cloud) it would be cheaper.

      still, have a question? please don’t hesitate to write to us at abluediam@gmail.com

  1. 1.63 ct
    E Color
    VVS2 Clarity
    EGL-USA Cert
    ^ I was quoted $13,600 on the above diamond, but would rather have a GIA cert diamond for peace of mind.

    What would an equivalent GIA cert diamond (I assume ~1 color & ~1 clarity lower) cost. Also, what do you believe the current Discount off Rap from a wholesale diamond jeweler in downtown Los Angeles is with GIA cert Diamonds?

    • Hi Kely,

      I always recommend all my blog readers to stick with GIA certified stones. Not just because of its the most authentic and recognized lab in the world. But the grading system that the GIA lab adapted is very strict which leads to standard grading.
      I insist you go through this article about diamond certification :


      Getting to the point.
      I assume here you talking about the stone with 3 Excellent and none fluorescence

      Price for GIA
      1.55ct to 1.65ct,
      E color,
      VVS2 clarity,
      3EX cut,
      None fluorescence
      It would be around 11000 – 11500 USD per carat.


      Now talking about one clarity & color grade lower.

      1.55ct to 1.65ct,
      F color,
      VS1 clarity,
      3EX cut,
      None fluorescence
      It would be around 9000-9500 USD per carat.

      Above stated both prices are per carat valuation. We have done all the math on Rapaport base price, and above-stated numbers are retail prices and not Rapaport base price.

      I hope you found this helpful. Ping me anytime for other queries. I always feel pride in providing the right information. Don’t get rip off. Take care.

      Good day

    • Hey Sorry for the late reply,

      The price would be around 20k-21k USD per carat. What prices do you get quoted? send us an mail we can talk further over there.

      Good Day.

    • Hi Nick,

      Rapaport (Base) price for 1.61 D VS2 is 14200 USD per carat. (It’s a base price)

      Assuming your stone as GIA certified with none fluorescence.

      It trades around -28% to -33% discount to the base price on B2B Network.

      You can do further maths and get prices.

      Do let me know if you need further information.

      Have a fabulous day,
      Harsh Shah

  2. Hi Alexandra,

    Base (RAPAPORT) price for requested stones are as follow

    Price Per Carat For :
    Cushion 1.02 G VS2 – 6400 USD
    Cushion 1.02 F VS2 – 6800 USD
    Cushion 0.99 G VS2 – 5100 USD
    Cushion 0.99 F VS2 – 5300 USD

    Assuming Its GIA Certified, It Trades Around

    Cushion 1.02 G VS2 : 53%-58% DISCOUNT
    Cushion 1.02 F VS2 : 53%-58% DISCOUNT
    Cushion 0.99 G VS2 : 47%-52% DISCOUNT
    Cushion 0.99 F VS2 : 47%-52% DISCOUNT

    You can do further calculations based on the given information.
    Let me know if you need further help.
    Also, please keep in mind, price varies based on factors other than 4cs like Diamond Fluorescence.

    Harsh Shah

  3. Hey Harsh,
    Great read in fact , Thanks a lot
    I would like to know how much my stone could sell today ?

    Round brilliant, GIA certificate , 0.9 Ct , H , VS2 , Ex , Ex ,Ex:
    fluorescence: none

    • Hi, It would sell somewhere around -30% discount to Rapaport Base Price.
      Rapaport base price for 0.90 pointer H Vs2 is 5800 USD.

      Lets do the math.
      5800 – 30% = 4060 USD price per carat.
      4060 * 0.90 = 3654 USD Total.

      Kindly keep in mind price I quoted here are based on B2B platform. Also price may vary depending upon diamonds parameters and clarity (VS2 better or VS2 lower).

      I hope you find this information helpful.

      Thanks, have a fabulous day.

  4. Hi Harsh, very interesting reading…
    Please, do you mind to send me March next week Rapaport ? And also it would be great if you could tell me what should be the “value for money” of a round cut diamond
    Carat 1.03
    D IF
    GIA cert. 4 excellent

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Paola,
      We have sent you the latest March 2019 Rapaport diamond price list on your email address.

      Also, appraising 1 carat D, IF stone based on such few information is not a good idea. Can you share the GIA certificate number?

      For the basic idea, if its 3ex with none fluorescence and proper parameters. It would be somewhere around 12500-13250 USD per carat ( after discount on Rapaport price )

      Rapaport Price for 1 carat D color IF clarity is 19800 USD as on March 2019.

      I hope that was helpful information.

      Thanks, Good Day.

    • Hi Yash, Thanks for stopping by and adding up your comments.

      Price per carat for GIA 1.30 G Si1
      with 3ex and none florescence will be somewhere around 5200-5500 USD ( per carat)

      Rapaport price for the same is 7400 USD.

      Have sent latest rapaport prices list on your mail.

      Good day.

  5. Hi – great site. What would be a fair price to purchase a 3.02 ct I SI2, 60.6% depth, 64% table, no fluoresence brillian cushion cut stone?

  6. Also, what about a GIA cert, round brilliant, 1.51 carat, G SI1, excellent cut, very good polish and symmetry, no flouresence. Thank you

  7. Hi there! What a wonderful site–thank you for providing such valuable information. What would you say a reasonable price would be for a GIA certified, 1.75 carat, round, F color, SI1 with good spread (so it looks bigger than a 1.75 carat), very good to excellent cut, no florescence? Happy to provide additional info if needed for a good quote. I am being quoted $17k including a platinum band currently.

    Also, could you possibly send me a recent Rapaport report?

    • Hi, I am glad that you find this information useful, Thanks for your kind words. Kindly check your email, I have sent you all the detailed information that could help you to save on your next purchase.

  8. Hi Harsh, I am looking for a cushion cut solitaire in India. Would you please send me the rapport price list for both rounds and cushions to my mail ID *deleted*

  9. Hi,

    Considering a 3.2ct emerald cut H/ VVS1 with excellent cut, symmetry and polish. Could you provide a price estimate or the latest RAP report?

    • I doubt I can help you with that information. The price of the fancy shape diamond fluctuates depending upon it Ratio and other factors. Can you provide me the ratio of stone? Another thing, GIA never gives the cut grade for fancy shape diamonds.

      You can email me if further help required.

      Harsh Shah

  10. Please advise as to the best discount that could be expected from the following certification IGI 384935352, Round solitaire

    5.2 CT, M colour, VS2, Proportions, symmetry and polish all excellent.

  11. I would really appreciate the latest RAPAPORT PRICE LIST, as a newby, this is a sharp learning curve. We legitimately mine diamonds in Lesotho, but are based in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
    Our intention to subscribe as soon as we have completed all the provisional background studies, we have undertaken the course provided by the HODTS.

    Your knowledge/wisdom, setout and assistance relating to all aspects is really great, thank you.

    Best regards

  12. Hello,
    Thank you for the vast information. Can you kindly send me the latest report? I am shopping now and want to make sure I’m getting a good deal.

    1.37 carat, round, ex,ex,ex
    J color, SI2

    • Send us all the diamond details ( diamond certificate, picture/video if any, the price you are paying etc) on our email – abluediam@gmail.com
      Our team will review and assist you with the unbiased information you need to know regarding that diamond. Please keep in mind; never get rip off, educate yourself, and become a smart diamond buyer.

  13. Great article!

    I’m looking at a 1.2c oval-excellent cut and polish, G VS1 Med fluorescence. 1.37 ratio. Can you help me calculate what the current price/value should be as of 6/23/2020

    Thank you!!

    • If it is a GIA certified diamonds it could cost you somewhere between the bracket of 4700-5500 USD total for a diamond.

      Also, valuation depends on many factors while choosing an oval shape diamond. Most importantly the Bow-Tie effect, you should not pay more for an oval shape diamond with bow-tie effect in it.

  14. Can you share July 2020 report (or latest report) at *email hidden*? If you don’t have the latest report, can you share the price for 0.5 carat VVS1 Color G round, ex cut no flour and 0.53 carat VVS1 Color G, round, ex cut, no flour

  15. I want to confirm price for GIA certified diamond 0.5 c VVS1 G round ex cut no flour, 0.53 VVS1 G round ex cut no flour. Can you please share what would be the price based on July chart?

    • Hi Kamran,

      So here you go with the total price(not per carat), I am assuming
      – All Round Brilliant
      – GIA certified
      – All 3ex Cut
      – All Non-Floroscense

      0.5 c VVS1 G round ex ex ex no flour – 1400-1500 USD
      0.53 c VVS1 G round ex ex ex no flour 1450-1550 USD
      0.54 c IF H round ex ex ex no flour – 1400-1450
      0.5 VVS1 G ex ex ex ex flour – 1400-1500 USD
      0.5 VVS1 I ex ex no flour – 1200-1300 USD

      The above stated is all estimated valuation. Its depends on many other factors, prices can vary 5-7% depending on other factors.

      Do let me know if you have any questions.
      Hope you find this information useful.

  16. Hi, can you help me to understand the price range for this stone someone offered? Thank you in advance!

    Shape: Round brilliant
    Ct: 0.69
    Color: E
    Clarity: SI2
    Cut: Very good
    Pol & Sym: Excellent / Very good
    Girdle: TK (FAC)
    Culet: Pointed
    Fluo: None

    • Hello, i would like to know what it the discount % traded usually for emerald cut for 1.3 ct or 1.5 ct. And same for cushion cut same weight.
      I appreciate reading every comment as they are very informative.
      Would it be possible to get the rapoport price list of this month if it s not yoo much asking.
      Thank you so much

    • Hi James,

      If everything is perfect with eye-clean( inclusion not visible from naked eye),
      and proper color (should be no-brown, no-grey, or no-green tint) can be slight-yellowish.

      It could be valued between 4250-4650 per carat.

      *( SI2 are hard to judge based on just certificate, price vary depending upon the stone actual appearance )

      I hope that was helpful if you need further assistance in buying a diamond
      you can read our diamond buying guide on our blog or contact us

  17. Hello,

    Looking for more insight and pricing on an enlongated cushion cut stone, info below;

    2.61 ct
    Fluro: None

    Thank you

    • The price of elongated cushion-cut stone mainly depends on the length to width ratio.

      Can you send me the GIA certificate details? 

      Just based on the above information, making random assumptions on prices is not a good idea. 

  18. Dear Harsh,
    thank you for this very informative site! Two questions: how do we know the wholesale / dealer discount you recite above? Is it simply an average around 28% to 33%? Second question: how would I calculate wholesale and retail value of the following diamond:
    – Round
    – 1.3 Carat
    – G Color
    – IF Clarity
    – Excellent cut, polish, symmetry, no fluorescence
    I see that according to the March 13, 2020 Rapaport Report, the diamond would be 107 x 100 x 1.3 = $13,910 at retail?

    Thank you for your help! Sincerely yours, Kurt

    • Hi Kurt,

      Best way to know the accurate retail or the wholesale value/price is to reach out to the third party, The one who can guide you unbiasedly (We can help you here with our diamond buying consultancy )

      To answer your second question; 28% to 33% is not an average discount, it a myth. I have sold 1.00 D vv2 with strong fluorescence for -52% last week. And 0.30 D FL 3EX none for 4% premium today. So it completely depends stone to stone.

      For the

      – 1.3 Carat
      – G Color
      – IF Clarity
      – Excellent cut, polish, symmetry, no fluorescence

      Assuming it as GIA with pure tint (no brown, no green)

      It could be valued between 25-30% discount

      Let do the math for you,

      Currently, the Rapaport price for this stone is 10000 per carat.

      Let’s take a 27% discount for example.

      So, 10000 – 27% = 7300 USD per carat
      now, 7300 X 1.30 = 9490 USD total for the stone.

      I hope that was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Good day!!

  19. hello,
    first of all thanks a lot for your help!
    I would like to confirm the price for an IGI Antwerp certified diamond
    round brilliant
    0,51 D IF
    VG Ex Ex
    4,98-5,00 x 3,19
    FL none, girdle slightly thick to thick (faceted), culet pointed
    Thank you again!

    • Hi Domenico,

      Gald you find this article helpful.

      So, the total price for this diamond would between 1800-2000 USD

      But checking the stone specification, I would not recommend you to buy such diamonds, unless it’s super affordable. 

      Do let me know if you have any questions or require further assistance in buying diamonds. Good Day!

  20. Hi
    41.9 ct
    Y to Z Range
    I would like to ask you sir, please: Is there a rule that can be followed for the price of large colored diamonds?

    • Hi Naim,

      I am not much familiar with these sizes. But all that I know is to evaluating such a piece. It’s good to check for nearby by size or similar stone’s the price/value/sold history, you usually can find on auction houses websites. Hope that helps you. If you need we can help you to connect with industry leaders, maybe they can help you further on the same.

      Please send us a detailed query on our email( abluediam@gmail.com), and we will connect you with someone who can help you. Good day!!

  21. Hi Harsh,

    Just recently I got interested in diamonds.
    Spent some hours on my iPhone reading about it and looking at online jewelry store and auctions.
    This week I did my first (small) purchase.
    I bought a 0.20c, D color, IF with ex cut.
    Polish and Symmetry are VG, none Fluor.
    I picked this stone because of its proportions (56% 34.5* 40.8* 61.4% medium none). GIA2327021060
    These proportions should make it a sparkling diamond right?
    Without VAT and 9% auction fee I paid 228USD.
    I love to know your opinion on this diamond and price.
    Did I had to pay more attention to polish and symmetry?
    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Bjorn, Glad to hear from you.

      I have just checked the GIA certified, I must say you have found one of the best deal I ever heard from my blog readers. A GIA certified 0.20ct diamond with D color IF clarity with those given details at 228 USD is super cheap. I am curious to know from where did you buy this? was it a right source?

      Also, The parameter which you shared is great too.

      Just to bring in your notice, the comment on the GIA certificate says “Surface Graining, Minor Details of Polish”, such diamonds are sold a bit cheaper in IF clarity grades.

      But the price you paid for this diamond is super cheap. Congratulations!

  22. Hi there, I am looking for an engagement ring and searching for a diamond that is an oval, 3ct I color, VS1, excellent. Do you know how much that diamond costs this week? jewelers are giving me crazy prices lol

    • Hi Paul,

      The price of OVAL shape diamond depends a lot on the RATIO’s.

      The ratio affects the overall appearance/beauty of the diamond.

      I cannot give you an accurate cost, but just basic assumption for decent-looking 3carat I VS1 None-fluorescence GIA diamond would be 9750-12000 per carat.

      Also, due to the daily business expenses, overhead cost & different markups, Every jeweler will charge you differently.

      I wish you have a wonderful diamond buying experience.

      Do let me know, if you require any further assistance or unbiased advice on your life’s important purchase.

      Good Day

      – Harsh Shah

  23. Hi there,

    I would like to buy a 2ct F IS2 round cut, cut excellent, polish excellent, symmetry very good, fluorescence medium blue, GIA certificate. The dealer is asking for $17.500. Is that a fair price?



    • Hi Luigi,

      There is no clarity grade called IS2, I assume it must be VS2. Considering all the factors it would be somewhere between 16000-17000 USD.

      Also, 17500 could be a fair price depending on its visual appearance and light performance. It’s quite important that your diamond reflects back the maximum light. To get the accurate valuation kindly send the GIA certificate number and picture of diamonds if any on abluediam@gmail.com

      Hope that was helpful.

      Wish you good luck with your life’s important purchase.

  24. Hi there,

    I was offered with a 1.01ct F VVS2 – GIA 6335568183. Asking price Eur 7500. Do you think it is a fair price?



  25. Hi

    I’m looking for GIA diamond oval 1.00 ct
    Color F
    cut, polish, symmetry – excellent
    no flurosecne
    Ratio 1.42
    If you can give me a price for Si1,VS2 and VS1
    I will appreciate it
    Thank you

  26. Hi, what would be the approx price of a 1.06ct, colour E, clarity VS1, Round shape, Very Good cut, Excellent polish, Excellent symmetry, GIA certified diamond? I don’t have the GIA report.

    Thank you

      • Hi Harsh,

        Thank you for your response.

        May I know the prices you advised are retail price or wholesale price?

        In addition, I was offered with GIA 1206999970 and GIA 2358369965. Could you please advise the rough prices of these two stones?

        Thank you again

  27. Hello

    Oval diamond 1.00 ct with GIA certificate.
    Color – E/F
    Ratio 1.42
    Cut , symmetry, polish – excellent
    Fluorescence – none
    I would like to get prices for all 3 clarity SI1, VS2, VS1

    Thank you

  28. Hello Harsh! I was wondering if you could email me the report/rapaport price list. If not I can give you details on the diamonds I am evaluating for a value on them through email.
    Thank you!

        • We really like to help you with your every question related to diamonds.

          However, there is a change in the policy of Rapaport (Price list), Due to copyright issues, we are not allowed to reproduce or reshare the entire price list.

          Although we can help you with diamond prices per carat and with discounts of specific stone you are looking for.

          Kindly send the detailed specification or certificate of your diamonds for further assistance.

          • Thanks for you answer!

            I’ve an IGI Diamond with the following certificate number: 229675799.

            Can I know something about its value?

            Can you explain me what is “minor graining” and if it’s so important for the diamond and the final price?

            Best Regards from Italy!

  29. Hi Harsh,

    Can you please send me the Rapaport price list? I’ve just started the search for an engagement ring so I’m sure I’ll more questions once I go to a few stores. Thanks.


  30. Hello mr. Harsh Shah, this is one of the most (and maybe the only one) complete, easy2understand articles about diamond’s evaluating world. I would like to receive a recent rapaport and also what’s right price for this one in your opinion:
    carats: 0.53
    shape: round
    colour: E
    certificate: HRD 15010071011
    Thank you!

  31. Hi there – could you send me a current report for rounds under 1ct. Got a couple of stones I’m interested in an need to check it out.

    • We really like to help you with your every question related to diamonds.

      However, there is a change in the policy of Rapaport (Price list), Due to copyright issues, we are not allowed to reproduce or reshare the entire price list.

      Although we can help you with diamond prices per carat and with discounts of specific stone you are looking for.

      Kindly send the detailed specification or certificate of your diamonds for further assistance.

    • We really like to help you with your every question related to diamonds.

      However, there is a change in the policy of Rapaport (Price list), Due to copyright issues, we are not allowed to reproduce or reshare the entire price list.

      Although we can help you with diamond prices per carat and with discounts of specific stone you are looking for.

      Kindly send the detailed specification or certificate of your diamonds for further assistance.

  32. Hi,

    I have a diamond of 0.6ct GIA, D, VVS1, Very Good cut and strong fluo.
    I’m having trouble finding some kind of standard for prices.

  33. Ciao volevo sapere il valore che potrebbe avere sul mercato un diamante certificato IGI
    4.05 cts
    Color G
    Clarity VVS 2
    Cut grade GOOD
    Polish VERY GOOD
    simmetry VERY GOOD
    fluorescence NONE
    Measurements 10.5-10.69-x 6.07 mm
    Table Size 68.5%
    Crown height angle 9%-29.1°
    Pavillon depth-angle 46.5%-42.4°
    Girdle tickness medium to slighty tick
    Culet pointer
    Possibilmente via email privata
    E se possibile con un commento dell andamento del mercato attuale e futuro

    • Hi Klara,

      The price of any diamond depends on a lot of other factors than just 4cs, but to give you brought idea this should be around 9000 to 9500 US$ per carat.

      hope that was helpful 🙂

      good day!!

  34. Hi can you please tell me the rap report on a GIA rated round 1.54carat I color I2 excellent symmetry none fluorescence.. eye clean( no carbon) lively and inclusion is at the edge.. easily covered by prong stone?

    • We really like to help you with your every question related to diamonds.

      However, there is a change in the policy of Rapaport (Price list), Due to copyright issues, we are not allowed to reproduce or reshare the entire price list.

      Although we can help you with diamond prices per carat and with discounts of specific stone you are looking for.

      Kindly send the detailed specification or certificate of your diamonds for further assistance.

  35. Hi, i’m buying an engagement ring with this info:
    Round Brilliant GIA
    There are 2 choices of color F and G. What would be the fair price for these stones?

    • Hi David,

      The price of any diamond depends on a lot of other factors than just 4cs. I think you missed to mention the fluorescence.

      But to give you an estimate idea on valuation, considering “NONE” fluorescence:

      1.01 F VVS2 3EX would be around US$ 7300 to 7600 per carat
      1.01 G VVS2 3EX would be around US$ 6400 to 6700 per carat

      Hope that was helpful 🙂

  36. Hi Harsh,
    I have following queries
    a.) 0.90 carats colour-I clarity -SI2
    b.) 1.00 carats colour-g clarity -SI2
    c.) 1.00 carats colour-j clarity -SI1
    d.) 0.90 carats colour-h clarity -VS2
    e.) 0.90 carats colour-i clarity -VS2

    I apologize for the long list. I sure would love to have the Rapaport as well. But then I would need you to guide me with the prevailing discounts.
    An early action shall be highly appreciated.

  37. AM LOOKING FOR CURRENT 12/28/20 PRICING ON (1) -1.03

    • The pricing of I1 graded diamond depends on a lot of factors it is important to see how inclusion is located and how it reflect back to viewers eye. In order to help you accurately I’ll need more details about your stone and if possible pictures and videos too. You can directly email as at abluediam@gmail.com

  38. Hi Harsh,
    Please provide value of GIA 1.06 carat, 5.33-5.55×4.05mm princess cut solitaire diamond, F color, SI1 clarity, excellent polish and symmetry, non-fluorescent, thanks!

    • Hi Tony, to give you estimated valuation based on provided info, it could be between 2700-2900 US$ per carat. Please keep in mind Si1 with center heavy/black inclusion could lower the valuation. Also Depth & table size affects the valuation.

      Let me know if I can assist you further. Hope that was helpful. G’day

    • Glad you like it. Due to copyrights we are not allowed to share the whole price list. However, I can help you with specific prices comment below shape, clarity, color and carat weight. Thx

  39. Hi Harsh,
    i’m buying an engagement ring
    Pear shape
    E color
    What would be a good price for that?

    • Hi, it depends on many factors: model, l/w ratio, bow tie etc. To help you with a rough estimate it should be somewhere between 7300 to 7800$ per carat for GIA certified Pear shape, 1 carat, E colour, VVS2 clarity, Ex polish, Ex Symmetry with no fluorescence. Hope this helps you 🙂

  40. Harsh, I was wondering what would be a good price for a round 1.3 ct round diamond H color VS2. Excellent cut, polish, and symmetry. Faint fluorescence.


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