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What Are Yellow Diamonds?

The yellow diamonds come into notice when the color of the diamond is purer than the “z” grade of the grading scale. As you move down in the color grading scale; z grade shows up the tone of yellowish/brownish color. Yellow diamond has a pure and bright yellow color from the faceup view. A diamond that tends to show more color than “Z” color grade, falls under the fancy colored diamond category.

Yellow Color Diamond Guide

Yellow Colored Diamond Formation

Did you know the presence of nitrogen in diamonds? These nitrogen molecules present in diamonds lead to the absorption of blue lights. This ultimate reaction of nitrogen and carbon achieves yellow color in diamonds. The color in yellow diamond varies corresponding to the number of nitrogen molecules present.

What Is Capes And Canaries Yellow Diamond?

The term cape relates to the South Africa mine which is located in Cape Province. This mine was the first to witness the yellow diamonds. Hence the term “Cape Diamond” came in existence for yellow diamonds in the late 1800s. 

Have you heard the term “Canaries” for Fancy color yellow diamonds? Its commonly used by the fancy colored diamonds dealers. Canary yellow diamonds or canary diamonds are usually fancy intense yellow diamonds.

Intensity And Hue Of Yellow Colored Diamonds

White diamond grading is based on the absence of color on the “D to Z” scale. Were “D-E-F” represents the white (colorless) and “W-X-Y-Z” represents the ting of yellow/brown color. Anything beyond the “Z” color considered as a fancy colored diamond.

The color grading of fancy colored diamonds is based on the strength of its body color. Below shown is the GIA color grading chart for yellow-colored diamonds based on the color strength.

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark
Side by side yellow diamond compare intensity.
This yellow color diamond side by side comparison in just for education purpose, actual color may vary depending upon many factors.

Are Yellow Color Diamonds Rare?

The natural yellow color diamonds are extraordinarily splendid due to its color. For every 10,000 carat diamond only 1-carat diamonds are fancy colored diamonds. And the yellow-colored diamond consists approx 60% of all colored diamonds.

Vivid yellow diamond are the rarest category of yellow diamonds and hence it valued high.

Yellow Diamonds Price & Valuation

The colored diamonds hold up the prestige of being rarest treasures of the world. These fancy color diamonds value touch the sky due to its rarity. The yellow diamonds being one of the popular colors in fancy color diamonds vary its prices according to the intensity and its secondary hue.

How Secondary Color Affects The Yellow Diamond Price?

The yellow diamonds with brown hue(secondary color) are commonly available compare to pure (without any secondary color) yellow diamonds. Secondary color plays a vital role in the diamond’s beauty & price. Some of the common secondary color that goes with yellow are brown, green, & orange. Yellow diamond with brown ting will be 30-50% less valued than a diamond with pure (no secondary) color.

Secondary green, brown & orange color price compare with yellow color diamond

Pure Vivid Yellow Colored Diamond Price Estimation

The value of yellow diamonds gets multiplied as the color gets more saturated as per the GIA scale. The vivid yellow diamonds with decent color may cost equivalent to the D-E color grade of white diamonds, concerning identical clarity, size, and shape. It’s highly suggested that you take colored diamond’s expert opinion before making any purchase.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas & Setting

Regarding the yellow diamond intensity and hue, they compose a splendid glimpse with yellow gold. As the yellow gold goes hand in hand with the color of the yellow diamond, it causes the yellow diamond to appear deeper with immense sparkle. White gold allows the yellow diamond to shine and gain the attention of the viewers. 

Design 1: Halo Setting For Solitaire Yellow Diamond Ring

A yellow solitaire diamond would look stunning with the layers of white diamond melees (small size) surrounded around it. This halo setting will probably boost up the size of the yellow diamond in the ring. 

Design 2: Pave Setting For Solitaire Yellow Diamond Ring

Pave setting is an exceptional idea for a yellow diamond solitaire ring. These pave set diamonds or gems give a glance of sparkle to the ring and complement to the yellow diamond. The pave set gems may twin with the yellow diamond or can have contrasting colors according to wearer’s choice.

Design 3: Side Stone Setting For Solitaire Yellow Diamond Ring

The yellow diamond often surrounded by minimal diamonds with side stone setting can balance the design and style of the ring. This particular setting gives an approach to the wearer to have unique fancy-shaped side diamonds or gems to enhance the design.

My Conclusion On Yellow Color Diamond

Two yellow diamonds with everything the same on GIA certificate can differ a lot in real. It is all about choosing the right color at the right price, hence it requires years of experience and knowledge. I recommend you contact a fancy color diamond expert for making your life’s important purchase.

I hope this article about the fancy yellow color diamond buying guide helped you. Are you a vivid yellow diamond lover or you like the softer tones like light yellow or fancy light yellow diamond? use below comment box below to share your opinion.

If you have any question please comment below or reach us. I would be glad to assist you on the perfect yellow diamond hunt.

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Harsh Shah

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