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A diamond certificate is the authenticity report/document of the diamond you are buying. Diamonds are the most precious gemstones in the world, thus it costs much. Diamond certification is the process done by labs considering different aspects beyond 4cs to identify real diamond and provides unbiased reports. The diamond report is also commonly known as “Diamond Certificate‘.

Diamond CertificationWe highly recommend you to buy a certified diamond as it’s examined by the 3rd party (labs). Diamond grading labs have gem professionals, equipment, techniques to examine stone and provide an unbiased report of a diamond. The certificate gives security to a customer that they are buying what is promised by the jeweler.

If you are buying non-certified loose diamond based on  jeweller’s views about a diamond. Ask your jeweller to send the diamond to a lab for certification to get an unbiased report of that stone. Base on the report you can make a purchase decision with the confidence that you are not been ripped off. Diamond certification give confidence that you are paying the right price for a real diamond. Hence, a certified stone builds up the trustworthy relationship between the buyer and jeweler.

Information on Diamond Certificate

A diamond grading report OR Certificate has complete information about the diamond which includes:

  • The 4Cs of diamond quality: The color, clarity, cut and carat weight of a specific diamond viewed under 10x magnification.
  • Additional information i.e., Diamond Fluorescence, Shape, Polish & Symmetry, Diamond proportions and inscription number.
  • Some reports include a diagram of the diamond showing its inclusions and diamond clarity characteristics.

These Diamond certificates are issued by the well known independent gemological laboratory. There are many labs that provide this service however, we have listed popular labs from the world which you can trust on. Each lab has different levels of strictness used when grading. I have listed down my recommendation of lab considering the level of strictness, widespread acceptance, report authenticity, and accuracy.

Diamond Certification & Price Variation

1.00 ct H Vs1 graded by IGI lab will be cheaper compared to 1.00 ct H Vs1 graded by  GIA lab. Why? Due to strictness and accuracy in report GIA give Color I and same stone will be considered color H by IGI labs in many cases. So in case if you thinking to buy IGI graded H color 1.00 ct VS1 diamond, you are actually buying I color according to GIA. Thus the price of stones varies comparing different lab report. I highly recommend you to stick with GIA reports due to high accuracy in grading.

Now, let’s have a look at Sample reports of each laboratory and short information about those gemological laboratories.

Diamond Certification & Labs

gia certification

G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America)

  • GIA is the most reputed, oldest and trusted Lab in the diamond trade and GIA certified diamonds are recognized worldwide.
  • Over 75 years in service.
  • Considered as the “Godfathers” and “Inventors” of certified diamonds.
  • Represents the highest standard of reliability, consistency, and integrity.

AGS report certificate

A.G.S. (American Gem Society)

  • AGS is on par with GIA for grading standards.
  • Also the most respected and have the highest standard for diamond grading.
  • They offer systematic detail, including a hand plotted illustration of every external and internal blemish or inclusion.
  • Known for its unique cut grade scale from 0 to 10 (with 0 being termed as “ideal” i.e. highest possible grade and the lowest is 10).

HRD report certificate

H.R.D.( Hoge Raad Voor Diamant)

  • H.R.D is the only international Lab which adheres to the rules set by the International Diamond Council (IDC) for grading polished diamonds.
  • HRD in Antwerp, Belgium is also a greatly respected name in the diamond industry.
  • Represents the trait of authentic European quality.
  • Outside Europe, it is Lesser known Gemological Lab.

Igi report certificate

I.G.I. (International Gemological Institution)

  • IGI is also the only International Certification Lab wholly owned and controlled by one central governing body.
  • Oldest and largest diamond grading lab based in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • After GIA, IGI is the 2nd most well-known lab.
  • IGI cert is very popular in Asian countries.

egl report certificate

E.G.L. (European Gemological Laboratory)

  • Unlike the GIA and AGS, The EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) is a for-profit organization.
  • Known for introducing ‘SI3’ clarity grade for diamonds.
  • EGL is known for initiating diamond grades less than 1 carat in weight.
  • Only a few Indian companies grades EGL Certificate as it is less preferred in Asian Countries.

NGTC report certificate

N.G.T.C. (National Gemstone Testing Center)

  • NGTC is the China’s foremost authority in testing and inspection of gems and jewelry and it now issues diamond grading certificates in Mumbai
  • It performs gemological research activities, promoting international communication and & jewelry testing and inspecting, authorized by the government
  • Represents the trait of authentic European quality
  • It is the most recent Lab in India so considered as less popular Gemological Lab in India.

Over to you: Avoid other least know diamond grading labs. Diamond grading is all about accuracy and authenticity. And you would never like to pay more for cheap diamond. Don’t get rip off. Comment on your question about diamond certification. I would love to answer all your question personally with my best knowledge. Hit like, share, tweet button if you like this information.

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