Real Natural Blue Color Diamond: Price, Jewelry & Ring Idea

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What Is A Blue Diamond?

Are blue color diamonds real? What exactly a blue diamond is?

A diamond get its blue color from two ways ; naturally or by treatment.

In this article we are going to learn about naturally blue colored diamonds.

The blue diamonds come along with various hues from shades of deep ocean blue color to tints of sky blue. The natural blue diamonds cover the niche market rarity criteria.

The famous blue color “Hope Diamond” was excavated from the Golconda Mine of India is the most fascinating treasures of the diamond world.

This article below will help you to educate and assist in buying a best blue color diamond for your bucks. 

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Know The Formation

The fancy blue diamonds possess an exclusive and unique process of formation compared to the other fancy colored diamonds.

The blue diamonds gain their magnificent hue due to the presence of boron atoms. These boron elements react with the crystal lattice structure of the diamonds forming a splendid blue hue.

Miners have to be lucky enough to find a raw blue diamonds. It is usually located four-times deeper than usual diamonds. It takes a lot of skill, hard work, and tones of luck to find natural blue-colored diamonds in the mines. 

The best blue color diamonds usually come from Argyle mines. As blue diamond from argyle mines consists of hydrogen atoms, that makes it more appealing.

Understand Intensity & Hue

The color grade is an important factor to determine the intensity and hue in the diamonds. The GIA grading system for white diamonds is globally accepted. However, The grading scale for white diamonds ranges from D-Z grades. The color beyond “Z” color range is fancy color.

The colored diamonds have another grading chart prescribed by the GIA, where the color of the fancy color diamonds is differentiated from tints to shades. The grading scale by GIA for a blue colored diamond based on color strength is mentioned below.

  • Faint 
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Intense
  • Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark
blue color diamonds

Are Blue Color Diamonds Rare?

After red, blue is the rarest category of the colored diamond. They are known to be exclusive and uncommon due to its total production. The statistics speak that after mining of 25 million carats of diamonds, only one carat of natural blue color diamond is gained. In total years of Argyle mine, it is noted that only 12 carats of blue diamonds have been mined. The supply of blue diamonds is comparatively low than its demand. The type IIb blue diamonds reports to 0.1% of fancy color diamonds. 

Blue Diamond’s Price & Valuation 

The intensity and hue in the natural blue color diamond is the major factor dictating its value. The blue diamonds fall after the red diamonds to be the most expensive due to its rarity. The blue diamonds often find its position in the collection of the fancy color diamond collectors. The natural blue diamonds make a great deal for the investors to invest. 

However, the pure vivid blue evenly saturated color diamonds are rarest of all. That makes them the most desirable and of course valued exceptionally.

Beyond 4cs, price depends on the color saturation & strength. It could start with couple of thousand dollar and reach to millions.

How Secondary Color Affects The Blue Diamond Price?

The secondary hues that are more often visible in blue color diamonds are green and gray. The blue diamond prices vary according to the presence of these modifying hues.

A diamond with only one/primary hue fetches more dollars, compared to a diamond with modifying secondary hues. The ocean colored blue diamond prices reach the sky as there’s scarcity and fascination for this particular color tone. 

blue diamond price with green & Grey

Pure Vivid Blue Colored Diamond Price Estimation   

The estimated cost of 1 carat fancy vivid blue diamonds could 500,000 US$ to million and above. Along with the intensity and hue, size and clarity play a crucial role in estimating the valuation of blue diamonds.

The consultation only from a color diamond expert is highly recommended. Because it’s something, not a regular diamond dealer or expert will even able to guide you accurately.

Blue Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas & Setting

To make piece appealing jewelry designers often use white metal with blue diamonds. The white metal gives an astonishing shine and making it incredible for the blue diamond jewelry. The yellow metal plays a contrasting effect with the blue diamond, making the blue diamond standout in the jewelry piece. 

The mismatch blue with fancy pink diamond is in super trend.

Design 1: Halo Setting for Solitaire Blue Diamond Ring

The blue diamonds usually covered with white diamonds give an interesting effect on the jewelry. The layers of the white diamond enhance the size and shape of the blue diamond.

Design 2: Tension Setting for Solitaire Blue Diamond Ring

The tension setting for a blue diamond is on the wearer’s choice. This setting gives a fashionable appearance to the wearer as well as the blue diamond mounted in the setting. 

Design 3: Side Stone Setting for Solitaire Blue Diamond Ring

The three-stone setting is very popular in the blue color diamond jewelry. The baguettes or fancy shape diamonds go hand in hand with a blue diamond, creating a trending jewelry design. 

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which are the famous Blue color diamonds?

The Blue Moon Diamond, The Blue Heart Diamond, The De Beers Millennium Star, and The Hope Diamond are the most famous Blue color diamonds.

  1. Where do blue diamonds come from?

The Golconda mine in India, the Argyle Mine in Australia, and the Cullinan mine in South Africa are few main sources of blue diamonds.

My Conclusion On Blue Color Diamonds

To purchase a fancy color diamond, one requires experience and knowledge of decades. The two similar hues of blue diamond mentioned on the GIA certificate can differ a lot in prices. However, other factors of 4C’s are also crucial in determining the cost of blue diamonds.

You can reach us for any assistant and query related to natural colored diamonds. I would be happy to share my years of experience & opinion about colored diamonds.

Mention your queries or share your opinion regarding the blue diamonds in the comment section below.

I hope this article of “blue color diamond” has educated you and is helpful. Kindly show your love and support by sharing the article on social networks.

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