What is Diamond Shape ? 10 Most Popular Shapes of Diamonds

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Round brilliant cut (RBC) is the most popular diamond shape among other shapes of diamonds. Cuts like Emerald, Princess, Asscher, Radiant, Cushion, Oval, Pear, Marquise & Heart can be bought online or from local markets. Various diamond shape and cut creates surprising fire and pattern in diamonds, thus diamond shapes add WOW factor.

Very often people consider “diamond shape” and “diamond cut” as the same, however, it is totally two different aspects. Diamond cut is quality guidelines for making or cutting of any diamond i.e excellent cut, very good cut, good cut diamonds. Whereas shapes of diamonds are round shape (RBC) heart shape, oval shape etc.

Diamond Shape Guidediamond shape

  1. Round Brilliant Cut (RBC): Most common and popular diamond shape. 7 out of every 10 stone sold is round in shape. The reason for the popularity of RBC is the fire, brightness it can create due to its cut angles and mechanics. It consists of 58 facets- 33 facets on top (crown) and 25 facets on the bottom (pavilion) of a diamond. Learn more about round diamond’s anatomy.

    Fancy Diamond Shape

  2. Princess Shape (SMB)

    Princess cut diamond is usual in a square with L/W ratio 1 to 1.05 considered best. Princess cut diamonds are most popular in fancy shapes. It reflects the best light comparing others fancy shapes and sets perfect in the engagement ring. SMB has 58 facets. SMB stands for square modified brilliant

  3. Emerald Shape (EM)

    Emerald cut diamond is square or rectangle in shape with 49 to 50 facets. It is created with a step cut in the pavilion. Emerald shape moreover gives mirror effects with less fire and more of clean or plain crystal visuals.

  4. Asscher Shape (AS)

    Asscher cut diamond was first created by Asscher brothers from Holland in 1902. It is actually the alteration of Emerald cut diamond, AS is square in shape. It has large step facets, small table & higher crown which increase fire and luster.

  5. Marquise Shape (MQ)

    Marquise cut diamond is the ellipse in shape. It is long and narrow, thus creates an illusion of big size. However, due to its mechanics, MQ creates bow-tie effect into stone.

  6. Oval Shape (OL)

    Oval in shape, this would be more appealing to people who want unique in RCB. Oval shape diamond has some very good fire pattern thus create brightness. It even creates bow-tie effect when tilt.

  7. Radiant Shape (RT):

    Its hybrid shape of cushion and princess. The radiant shape is square in shape with cropped corners. You may find 53 to 70 facets, as it can be made in many variations. Usually, RT shape is popular for fancy color diamond.

  8. Pear Shape (PB)

    The pear shape is a hybrid of round and marquise shape. With a sharp corner at one end & round at another side, PB shape is similar to water drop or leaves.

  9. Heart Shape (HT)

    Most loved solitaire for valentines and wedding day. Heart shape diamond looks pretty bright & shiny to showcase your love. It has 56 to 58 facets and a length-to-width ratio of 0.90 to 1.10 would be ideal.

  10. Cushion Shape (CN)

    Cushion cut diamond is of pillow shape. It has 58 facets and can be found in square and rectangle shape. It is actually the successor of old mine cut diamond.

Note: Diamond shape and the diamond cut is totally 2 different thing. Know what is diamond cut?

Unique Diamond Shape Images & Name

Below shown shapes of diamonds are less common, custom cuts or historic cuts.

Triangle & Trillion Cut :

trillion tringle cut shape diamondWith three sharp corners, triangle cut diamond looks unique and beautiful too. Trillion cut has more fire due to its angles and curves. Triangle cut looks perfect for the earring or for side stone in an engagement ring. Trillion shape with pavilion facet creates perfect fire compare to step cut. The beauty of this cut depends on style and mounting of a ring.

Tapered Baguettes & Straight Baguettes CutTapered Baguettes & Straight Baguettes Cut :

This is long, thin, step cut diamond shape. It officially has 13 facets (can be more). Tapered or straight baguettes cut diamonds are perfect for side stone in an engagement ring. It reflects light within the stone, thus create mirror effects. Diamond shape like this is less common and hard to find.

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Well, there are few other less popular diamond shapes like single cut, rose cut, old mine cut etc. Before choosing any stone, make sure you go for expert advice or contact us. We would love to help you and give the right knowledge. Some diamond shape looks may vary depending upon cuts, size, and customization. Have a question? We got the answer. Comment below your queries, we will reply within 24 hours.

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