Green Color Diamond Buying Guide – Price, Rarity & Ring Idea

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What Are Green diamonds?

The green color diamonds are most fascinating in the diamond world due to its rarity. Only a few diamond dealers or collectors get lucky to witness natural green diamonds. 

Interestingly natural green diamond rings are appealing for wedding bands as the green color diamond symbolizes a fresh start. 

Are you aware of the first natural green diamond? The first natural green diamond was sourced around 1722 in the Golconda Mines located in India. 

Green color diamond buying-investment guide

Green Colored Diamond Formation

The inheritance of green color in the green diamonds is a very unique process of all the other fancy colored diamonds. The green color in diamonds is developed by two various processes.

First, the green color is gained by the rocks that radiate radioactive elements like uranium or thorium. During this process, the radioactive elements react with the crystal lattice structure of diamond and settle at the outer layer of the diamond. Usually, these radioactive elements don’t harm as it’s stabilized in many cases. 

The other process through which the diamond achieves its green hue is due to the presence of nitrogen, hydrogen, and nickel elements. These elements react with the arrangements of carbon atoms in diamonds and lead to beautiful hue. 

Did you know that green diamonds are associated with growth, rebirth, renewal, and fertility!

Intensity and Hue of Green Colored Diamonds

The grading scale for fancy colored diamonds varies by the grading scale of white colorless diamonds. The GIA has developed a grading scale for white diamonds (colorless diamonds) consists of grades D-Z. As the colorless diamonds gain tint of yellow or brown color, the grade descends towards Z grade.  

The worldwide accepted and approved color grading scale by GIA for fancy green color diamonds is guided below. 

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep
fancy green color compare

How Rare Is A Green Color Diamond?

Though the secondary modified hues are fascinating, the primary green hue color diamond is the rarest variety of this category. These green diamonds appear to be rare and valuable due to its extraordinary unique formation. Do you know, the green color diamonds were only sold out twice in 40 years of auction houses!

Which Are The Most Expensive Green Diamonds?

The Aurora Diamond was sold for $16.8 million at Christie’s auction house. The 5.03 carat Aurora green diamond was graded as a fancy vivid green diamond.  

The Ocean Green Diamond weighing 5.5 carats was sold at $8.6 million in 2014. The unique Ocean Green Diamond was color graded as vivid blue-green. 

Green Diamonds Price & Valuation

The investors love to invest in the primary hue green diamonds as they make up maximum profit due to its rarity. It is challenging to source fancy green diamonds with pure hue. Therefore, the valuation of these green diamonds exceeds the price of pink diamonds in some cases. 

How Secondary Color Affects The Green Diamond Price?

The blue, bluish, brown, brownish, gray, grayish, gray-yellowish, yellow, and yellowish are the secondary hues often witnessed in green diamonds. The green diamond prices vary according to the secondary hue mixed with the primary hue. 

The green diamonds with blue secondary hue markup higher prices than the diamonds with gray, yellow, or brown modifying hues. 

blue, bluish, brown, brownish, gray, grayish, gray-yellowish, yellow, and yellowish price variation

Green Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas & Setting

The fancy green color diamonds are often cut and polished to cushion shape as the cushion shape enhances the color of the diamond. The natural green colored diamond rings are often seen in white metal as well as yellow metal.

The white metal complements with the natural green color diamond. The white metal helps to enhance its visibility due to contrasting colors in metal and diamond. One must prefer the yellow metal with green diamonds when they want to intensify the color along with its size and shape. 

Design 1: Halo Setting for Solitaire Green Diamond Ring

The halo setting beautifies the natural green diamond at the focus area surrounded by melle colorless diamonds or pink color diamonds. The pink color diamonds complement the green solitaire diamond and can make a better choice for design. 

Design 2: Side Stone Setting for Solitaire Green Diamond Ring

In the side diamond mounting, three stone setting goes hand in hand to enhance the green diamond in the center. The baguette shape or the emerald shape diamonds make a significant and excellent design as side stones. 

Design 3: Pave Setting for Solitaire Green Diamond Ring

The pave setting brings out a stylized ring design for the solitaire green diamonds. This setting is favored when you want an exceptional ring idea for a green diamond. 

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which are the famous green color diamonds?
    The Dresden Green Diamond, The Aurora Green Diamond, and The Ocean Dream Diamond are the most famous green color diamonds.
  2. Which mines source green color diamonds?
    The origin of Green color diamonds is found in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Guyana, the Central African Republic, Venezuela, and India.

My Conclusion On Fancy Green Color Diamond

Green diamonds come in various tones. It could be a forest green color, the olive green, or the bright neon green color diamond. It’s highly advised to consult a colored diamond expert. Buying a colored diamond requires years of experience and deep knowledge. Two green diamonds with the same GIA report can vary in actual color. Hence, it’s always good to take an expert’s opinion before making any purchase.

If you need further information or looking for assistance on buying a natural fancy green color diamond, you can reach us anytime.

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