Orange Color Diamond Buying Guide – Price, Rarity & Ring Idea

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What Are Orange Diamonds?

The diamonds which obtain orange hue are termed as orange color diamonds or orange diamonds. In the book “The Great Diamonds of the World” by the great gemologist Edwin Streeter, the orange diamonds are referred to as the “Fire Diamonds”. 

The natural orange diamonds are acknowledged to the rarest and extraordinary. The below article will help you gain the appropriate knowledge to buy an orange diamond.

orange color diamond guide

What Are Pumpkin Diamonds?

Like other fancy colored diamonds, orange diamonds are also known by a unique name called “Pumpkin Diamonds”. The orange diamonds started to be known as pumpkin diamond because of the popular 5.54-carat natural orange diamond perceiving splashy color like the pumpkins. Usually, vivid orange diamonds are terms as pumpkin diamonds. 

How Diamonds Get Orange Color Naturally?

Just like yellow color diamonds, orange diamonds get their color from the presence of the nitrogen element. But how the same element can result in a different color? Do you know the reason behind the unique hue? 

Due to distinct covalent bonding of nitrogen atom in both colored diamonds, they acquire the exclusive and rare colors. The arrangement in orange diamonds is known as hyper-specific. This arrangement leads to the absorption of blue and yellow light in return splashing out the orange color in diamonds.

Intensity And Hue Of Orange Colored Diamonds

The intensity and hue for orange color diamonds grading are different than yellow color diamonds grading.

A diamond with orange tint could be considered as faint orange whereas the same amount of yellow tint can still fall under the white diamond’s light color category in-between “N to Z” color grades.

The color grading varies on the intensity of color the diamond body is accommodating. The grading chart for the fancy orange colored diamonds developed by GIA is listed below.

  • Faint Orange
  • Very Light Orange
  • Light Orange
  • Fancy Light Orange
  • Fancy Orange
  • Fancy Intense Orange
  • Fancy Vivid Orange
  • Fancy Deep Orange
orange diamond compare side by side with fancy, intense, vivid.

Are Orange Color Diamonds Rare?

The GIA grades the orange diamond to be rarest when found in its pure orange hue. There’s only at certain times when you get a GIA certificate for pure orange hue diamond, as it is the rarest and challenging to grade the natural orange diamonds. The orange diamonds are termed to be fourth or fifth rarest of all the other fancy colored diamonds after the red, pink, blue, and violets.

Orange Diamond Price & Valuation

The valuation of orange diamonds varies on their primary hue as well as secondary hues. These fancy colored diamonds are often desired for investments where the pure natural orange hue diamonds mark the highest investment. The fluorescence in the diamond also plays important role in it’s beauty and value.

The range of pure intense and vivid orange hue diamonds is extraordinarily rare and are hence considered valuable in the diamond industry.

How Secondary Color Affects The Orange Diamond Price?

The modifying secondary hues in the orange diamonds are brown-orange, yellow-orange, and pink-orange. It’s extremely tough to find a natural orange diamond without a secondary hue. These secondary hue orange diamonds are valued less compared to the pure orange hue diamond (no modified color). 

Brown is the most common secondary color with orange making it less expensive compare to orange with a yellow tint.  

Pure intense or vivid orange diamond (without any secondary color ) is truly extraordinary and valued exceptionally. 

orange diamond price effects on secondary color

Pure Vivid Orange Colored Diamond Price Estimation

As the color in diamonds gets more saturated according to the GIA scale, the value of these color diamonds gets multiplied. To estimate a pure orange color diamond requires years of experience. Only limited people in the diamond industry might have witnessed the pure orange color diamonds in their lifetime. 

Buying an orange diamond requires extensive market knowledge and years of experience. I recommend contacting the colored diamond expert while making such an important lifetime purchase. 

Orange Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas & Setting

Embraced with the color, the orange diamonds mounted in yellow metal enhances the size and shape of the diamond. The orange diamonds are also suggested with white metal as it intensifies the beauty of the diamond.

Design 1: Halo Setting For Solitaire Orange Diamond Ring

Along with melle white diamonds; yellow diamonds as well as pink diamonds give a stunning combination for the layers of halo setting ring with solitaire orange diamond. This hallo setting in the ring enhances the size of the solitaire orange diamonds.

Design 2: Pave Setting For Solitaire Orange Diamond Ring

The pave setting in the orange diamond ring modifies the style and design of the ring. The solitaire orange diamond ringed by pink diamonds and yellow diamonds in a pave setting will be an exceptional piece of design.

Design 3: Side Stone Setting For Solitaire Orange Diamond Ring

The side diamonds of white color or fancy color in cross ring style will develop the size and shape of the orange solitaire diamond. This setting leads to having a masterpiece of design with a fancy shape and unique design pattern.

Orange Diamond FAQs

  1. Which are the famous orange color diamonds?
    The Pumpkin Diamond, The Namakwa Diamond, and The Orange are the most famous orange color diamonds.
  2. Which mines source orange color diamonds?
    The origin of orange color diamonds is alluvial deposits in Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, the Central African Republic, and India.

My Conclusion On Orange Color Diamond

Buying a fancy colored diamond requires deep knowledge and decades of experience. Two orange color diamonds with similar GIA certificates can differ a lot in price. Orange color diamond valuation depends on many factors including the hue, saturation, beauty, cutting style, color rarity etc.

You can reach us for any assistant related to natural colored diamonds. I am glad to provide unbiased colored diamond education and information to all customers worldwide at zero cost.

If you have any question? or opinion kindly use below comment box.

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