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Founded by brothers Harsh Shah & Heer Shah, the 2nd gen diamantaire, based in Mumbai, India. “A Blue Diamond” is an initiative by Pasavaja Gems LLP to educate customers about diamonds.


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We assist people in buying a diamond. With years of experience in diamond manufacturing & trading we know what is the best option when it comes to choosing a diamond online or offline.

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Diamond buying assistance

Diamond Buying Assistance

We assist you in buying a diamond with unbiased guidance & top notch education that adds value to your next important purchase.

diamond price guide

Diamond Price Guidance

Confuse about the diamond price? Don't get rip off, get an expert opinion. Never over pay and get what you paid for.

Unbiased Diamond Education

Our diamond buying guide will help you to make your life's important purchase ( Diamond engagement ring) confidently.

bulk diamond buying for retailer

Bulk Diamond Buying For Retailers

Are you a established jewelry business or a startup looking for diamonds at wholesale price? We can help you to get straight from manufacturers.

engagement ring suggestions

Engagement Ring Suggestion

Not sure about which wedding ring you should go with? Our team will send you the suggestion and guide you as per your preferences.

Fancy Color Diamond Consultant

Looking for fancy color diamonds? And now sure where to start with? Or have question? Just reach out our fancy color experts, sit back & relax.


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