Natural Brown Color Diamond Buying Guide – Price, Rarity & Ring Idea

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What Are Brown Diamonds?

The majority of the natural diamond has a brown hue. Brown diamond is the most popular due to its availability and price. But to find a perfect brown color diamond is still a tough job. Brown diamonds come in ranges of color.

Cognac diamond, Champagne diamond & Chocolate brown diamond are the popular trade name of brown diamonds.

Brown diamond buying guide

What Makes A Natural Brown Diamond?

Like all the other fancy color diamonds, the brown diamonds have their unique process to gain its brown hue. But brown diamonds have two main processes to attain its hue. A brown diamond gets its color from nickel impurities or because of the crystal lattice structure deformation.

During the deformation process, internal graining takes place in the diamond. The light absorbed by these diamonds reflects brown color to the human eye resulting in a brown color diamond. 

They Call It Cognac, Champagne Brown & Chocolate Brown Diamonds.

Below are the popular trade name given to the brown color diamonds

  1. The champagne diamonds is a trade term for the lightest hue of the brown diamonds. The champagne diamonds come with some noticeable yellow tint. 
  2. The cognac diamond’s hue is darker than the champagne diamond. One can notice a golden tone in the cognac diamonds. These cognac diamonds come along with the deeper hues of orange along with the deeper brown hue in diamonds. 
  3. The chocolate diamonds are mostly mined from the Argyle mines of Australia. Its a trade term for brown diamonds marked by fine jeweler ‘Le Vian’. The chocolate diamond attains dark and pure brown hue. 
champagne-cognac-chocolate brown diamond

GIA Fancy Colored Diamond Grading Scale

The GIA has developed a grading chart for colorless diamonds as well as the fancy colored diamonds. The color grading chart of both differs along with its characteristics. 

D to Z scale represents the colorless to light color diamonds. The D grade starts with white color and ascends towards the “Z” grade with a slight yellow/brown tint. 

The grading scale for fancy color diamonds depends on the saturation of the primary hue.

Below is the GIA color grading scale for fancy brown diamonds

  • Faint 
  • Very Light 
  • Light 
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Intense 
  • Vivid 
  • Deep
  • Dark
brown diamond

Please note – A diamond with subtle brown hue & “no secondary overtone/color” graded by GIA are as follow

  • K to M color with modifier Faint Brown (e.g. K, Faint Brown)
  • N to Q-R color with modifier Very Light Brown (e.g. O-P, Very Light Brown)
  • S-T to Y-Z color with modifier Light Brown (e.g. U-V, Light Brown)

If above mentioned (three) color rage has any secondary hue, it’s considered as a fancy color diamond. (e.g. Very Light Pinkish Brown or Light Yellow-brown)

Are Brown Color Diamonds Rare?

Loose brown diamonds are more affordable and accessible compared to other diamonds. The saturation in the brown diamond decides the rarity of the diamonds. The modified hue in brown diamonds is termed to be rarer when the secondary color is one of its kinds. 

E.g. Pink-Brown Diamonds are rare compare to Yellow-Brown Diamonds

Brown Diamond Price, Are They Valuable?    

Because of the affordability and availability of brown diamond, they gained popularity.

The price for a 1-carat brown diamond can be between 1000 US$ to 5000 US$ and more. However the value of a brown diamond depends on many factors including shape, color clarity, fluorescence, etc.

The natural brown diamonds are available at affordable prices to compare to other color diamonds. The value of brown diamond mainly affects based on the presence of secondary color.

How Secondary Color Affects The Brown Diamond Price?

yellow brown-orange brown-pink brown diamond price and value

The brown diamonds come alone with secondary hues like yellow/yellowish-brown, orange/orangish-brown, and pink/pinkish brown. 

The Champagne diamonds are seen in a variety of secondary hues like orange or yellow. A perfect combination of hue makes a champagne diamond valuable. Yellow-brown, orangy-brown or yellow-brown are the best combination that makes champagne color diamond.  

The cognac diamonds consist of secondary colors like red or orange. The cognac diamond’s value depends on its cut, clarity, and carat along with its color. Reddish-brown & orange-brown are the best combinations that makes cognac color diamond

The chocolate diamonds have a pure dark tone. However, in some cases, it could be a combination of pinkish-brown. The balance between hue and saturation makes a diamond look like dark chocolate.

Argyle Brown Diamond Grading & Pricing 


Just like GIA color grading, Argyle color grading system is most popular with brown, pink, purple, red & blue diamonds. Below is the color grading chart for loose brown diamonds. 

The C6 & C7 are valued more due to the rare dark tone. Whereas, considering C1 to C5, lighter the tone more will be at a higher price. 

Please note, price of loose brown diamonds are based on many factors. Above mentioned are just for your reference. 

Brown Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas & Setting

Brown diamonds are mainly seen in men’s jewelry, wedding ring, and gift accessories. It also goes well in a brooch, lapel pins, and the cufflinks. Because of the dark hue, brown diamond stands out in any piece of jewelry.

The brown diamond earrings & pendants studded with brown diamonds are the most commonly preferred anytime.

Brown diamonds glow with the white metals. The white metal enhances the shape and size of the brown diamonds. Below are some of the ring idea that goes well with natural brown diamond.

Design 1: Halo Setting For Solitaire Brown Diamond Ring

The one-layered halo setting is preferred for the engagement ring. Small size white diamond surrounding the center brown diamond makes a ring stand out.

Design 2: Double Halo Setting For Solitaire Brown Diamond Ring

In the double halo setting, there are two layers of small diamonds around the solitaire brown diamond. In this double halo setting the brown diamond’s size and shape are enhanced and intensified due to layers of diamonds.

Design 3: Three Stone Setting For Solitaire Brown Diamond Ring

The three-stone setting is often favored in fine jewelry as it enlightens the brown diamond. The side stones beside the solitaire brown diamond can be of any fancy shape according to one’s choice.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which are the famous brown color diamonds?
    The Golden Jubilee Diamond, The Earth Star Diamond, The Star of the South, The Incomparable Diamond, and The Lesotho Brown are the most famous Brown color diamonds.
  2. Which mines produce brown diamonds?
    Argyle mine in Australia is the popular source of brown diamonds. South Africa and Siberia also produces brown diamonds.


Because brown diamonds come in a wide range of tones and shapes, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Buying the best loose brown diamond required a lot of experience. I personally love champagne brown color diamond followed by chocolate brown and cognac diamond. Round brilliant is always the most perfect shape. But emerald & cushion shape brown color diamond looks stunning too.

We always advise our blog readers to buy GIA certified diamonds. However, GIA certificate acts as an authenticity report for your diamond.

Hope you find this article helpful, do let me know if you require any assistance/guidance in buying a perfect brown diamond.

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