Purple Color Diamond Buying Guide – Price, Rarity & Ring Idea

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What are Purple diamonds?

The magnificent purple hue in a natural purple color diamond gives an astonishing outlook to the viewer. The violet color diamond and purple color diamond are two categories of this fancy color diamond group.

Do you know there are diverse names? Natural purple color diamonds are known by the number of names like a lavender diamond, plum diamond, violet diamond, orchid diamond, dark magenta diamond, and deep purple diamond.

Purple Diamond Guide

How is the Purple Colored Diamond Formed?

Like all the fancy color diamonds, the purple color diamonds also attains various composition of impurities. The purple hue is the result of hydrogen and boron in large quantities. This crystal lattice structure helps the diamond in gaining various tints and shades in the purple diamond. The theories also estimate that the hue in the purple diamond is due to high pressure in the earth’s mantle.

The purple color diamond is a symbol of royalty, spirituality, mystery, and imagination!

Intensity and Hue of Purple Colored Diamonds

The color grading of fancy color diamonds is diverse from the white diamonds (colorless diamonds). The grading scale of the white diamonds ranges from D-Z grade. These grading color scales of colorless diamonds as well as fancy purple colored diamonds is proposed by the GIA institute. The grading scale for purple diamonds is introduced below.

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep
  • Fancy Dark
intensity and saturation of purple diamond

Are Purple Color Diamonds Real & Rare?

Yes, natural purple color diamonds are 100% real. Diamonds with nature purple hue are extremely rare and exceptional rock.

The natural purple color diamonds are recognized as an extraordinary collection to the diamond world. The pure purple color diamonds are unique for its hue and known to be rarest after the red diamonds, pink diamonds, and blue diamonds.

Purple Diamonds Price & Valuation

Intensity and color saturation is the primary factor in evaluating diamond prices. Other factors like diamond’s secondary color, cutting style, diamond fluorescence, clarity & carat weight affect the pricing as well.

The natural pure purple color diamonds extending above the 1 carats are exceptional. The higher saturation of hue in purple color diamonds leads to unexpected valuation.

How Secondary Color Affects The Price?

The majority of purple color diamonds are found in their modified overtone. The overtones (secondary color) commonly detected in purple color diamonds are pink, grey & brown. In an extremely rare scenario, the purple diamond comes with red or reddish overtones.

The reddish-purple diamonds hold an extraordinary price. A purple diamond with pink overtone sells premium compared with brown or grey overtone.

fancy pinkish-purple, brownish-purple, grayish-purple diamonds

Purple Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas & Setting

The purple color diamonds are prominently seen in pendants and solitaire rings. As the purple color diamond symbolizes royalty, the presence of purple diamond solitaire ring is known to be a token of prestige.

The white metal is frequently preferred over the yellow metal for purple color diamonds. The white metal compliments well with the natural purple color diamond and enhances its beauty.

Design 1: Halo Setting For Solitaire Purple Diamond Ring

The single halo or double halo layer setting is a perfect design for the purple diamond solitaire
piece. This setting mounted by colorless diamonds in a circle to the solitaire purple diamond
enhances the size of the solitaire.

Design 2: Cross Band Setting For Solitaire Purple Diamond Ring

The cross band is often preferred on the clientele preference. This particular setting looks spectacular with purple diamonds in the center.

Design 3: Side Stone Setting For Solitaire Purple Diamond Ring

The side stone setting is most commonly used for solitaire purple diamonds. This setting prefers
fancy shape diamonds along the side of the solitaire purple diamond in a row of three. The side diamonds are usually preferred to be colorless diamonds as they complement the purple

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which are the famous Purple color diamonds?
    The Royal Purple Heart Diamond, The Supreme Purple Diamond Heart, and The Purple Orchid Diamonds are the most famous purple color diamonds.
  2. Where do Purple color diamonds come from?
    The origin of purple color diamond is found in the Argyle mine, they are also found in sites of Canada, Russia, the Amazon, as well as other places.

My Conclusion

I personally love purple diamonds with pink or pinkish overtones, they are truly mesmerizing. Also buying a color diamond required deep market knowledge and a decade of experience.

I would glad to help you with unbiased information and colored diamond knowledge. You can contact us for any help related to natural colored diamonds.

If you have any question or opinion, kindly use the below comment box.

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