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What are Pink diamonds?

Natural pink color diamond is an extremely rare category of colored diamonds. The niche of fancy colored diamonds and have an outstanding position for pink diamonds. Besides, the color formation is still a mystery to science. 

The natural pink diamonds are the oldest of all fancy color diamonds. The reason is that they require 1.6-3.50 million years to obtain a pink hue.

Due to less supply, the price of a real pink diamond is always in the uptrend. The pink diamond ring is the most desired piece, due to its beauty and rarity.

pink color diamond guide

Pink Colored Diamond Formation

Is the formation of pink color in diamonds still a mystery? The scientists have failed to prove the exact science behind the color pink in diamonds. But there exist few theories which give a gist about the color in natural pink diamonds.

The extreme pressure (more than usual) undergone by the diamonds leads to the pink color in diamonds. Due to the huge amount of pressure the crystal structure of pink diamonds is affected. Therefore, forming a beautiful pink color in diamonds. 

Why Argyle Pink Diamond Valued So High?

The Argyle mine in Australia brings out an extraordinary real pink hue in the diamonds. Currently, the Argyle mine is the major source of natural pink diamonds.

In fact, 90% of the total pink diamonds in the world are from Argyle mine. However, only 1% of all diamonds are pink in argyle mines.

Price of Argyle Pink diamond start from thousand of the dollar and reaches millions. Due to the limited supply, the rarity factor plays a role in the valuation. Moreover, the Argyle mine will be shutting down its operation in 2020. This leads to a sharp drop in the supply of real pink color diamonds, making it more premium.

Intensity and Hue of Pink Colored Diamonds

The GIA has explained the color grade of all diamonds. However, the grading of colorless diamonds varies from the grading of colored diamonds. The D-Z grades are color grading scale of colorless diamonds.

The GIA has also listed the grading scale for fancy colored diamonds. Below listed is the GIA color grading scale for pink diamonds.     

  • Faint Pink
  • Very Light Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Fancy Pink
  • Intense Pink
  • Vivid Pink
  • Deep Pink
  • Dark Pink
Pink diamond intensity

Are Natural Pink Diamond Rare?

After the red diamonds, natural pink diamonds are termed as the rarest diamonds. Due to the estimation of Argyle Mine closing soon by 2020, It will become more scarce.

The purplish-pink diamonds are a rarest secondary hue with pink colored diamonds.

Moreover, only 1 carat of pink diamonds is found out of one million carat diamonds. It’s is said majority of jewelers or diamond dealers have never seen a real pink diamond in their entire career.

So, I hope you got your answer about the rarity of natural pink diamonds.

Pink Color Diamonds Price & Valuation 

As the size increases the rarity and value of the natural pink diamonds increase. The intensity and tone of pink color play an important role in its valuation. Indeed, the natural pink diamond is a perfect choice for the investors to invest as the value of these diamonds always leads to the sky.

The price of 1-carat faint pink starts from $10,000 & with an increase in intensity price gets multiplied. The price of 1-carat vivid pink could be in million, depending upon the stone color & origin.

The fluorescence in diamond leads to a more saturated color in some cases. Therefore, it affects the price of a diamond.

Secondary color like brown, orange & purple impact the valuation of pink diamond drastically.

How Secondary Color Affects The Pink Diamond Price?

The common secondary hues found with pink are purple, brown, and orange. These hues play a crucial role in determining the valuation of pink color diamonds.

Majority of fancy color diamond with overtone/secondary color. However, they are often affordable than the primary pink color diamond. The percentage of the secondary hue also decides the pricing of the pink diamonds.

If the secondary hue evaluates more than 50% of the natural primary pink color than such diamond valued less. Whereas if the natural pink color in diamonds is more than 50% will observe great deals in the market. 

The pricing indeed depends on the secondary hue in pink diamonds. Hence purplish-pink diamonds will have a great market than brownish pink diamonds.

The secondary color sometimes referred to as over-tone gives the unique natural colors, making it one of a kind.

Pink color diamond price variation in secondary color

59.60ct pink star diamond sold for $71.2 million, that’s priced whooping $1.2m per carat

The pink star diamond holds the record of the highest price paid in an auction. In fact, the pink star is an internally flawless diamond with an extraordinary color tone.

The pink star diamond was found in an African mine. The De Beers found this treasure for the world in 1999.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring, Studs & Earring Ideas

The engagement rings of real pink diamonds are truly exceptional. Hence, making it the most desired one. The pink star diamond indeed is the best example of an extraordinary pink diamond ring.

Also, The pink diamond studded in white metal gives a perfect look to the engagement ring. This setting is preferred and loved by many. Check the following idea for a pink diamond ring.

Pink Diamond Ring Ideas

  • Halo Setting Idea for Solitaire Ring

The halo setting is commonly preferred for engagement rings worldwide. The layers of white diamonds (colorless diamonds) in this setting give an excellent effect to the pink diamond 

  • Pave Setting Idea for Solitaire Ring

The pave setting of white diamonds on the shank of the ring will be a perfect ring design. This makes your ring look hefty and gorgeous all day.

  • Three Stone Setting Idea for Solitaire Ring

The side diamond fit in the pair of three-stone setting gives a beautiful look to the pink diamond. Also, the size and shape of the pink diamond are boosted in the ring. It’s quite important to choose the right side stones depending upon the center pink stone’s shape & size.

Pink Diamond Stud & Earring Idea

  • Minimal Simple Stud

Round natural pink diamond with simple three prong looks all time classic. Shape other than round like heart, cushions and princess goes great as well. Rose gold is what we recommend for choosing the metal, as it goes well with diamond’s color tone.

  • Halo Earring Design

Center pink diamond surrounded by colorless small white diamond makes your earring extraordinary. To make it budget-friendly, you can try either way. Like, Center colorless diamond surrounded by small pink diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Which are the famous natural pink color diamonds?

    The Pink Star Diamond, The Graff Pink, and The Darya-Ye-Noor are the most famous Pink color diamonds.

  2. Which mines source real pink diamonds?

    The Argyle mines of Australia and few others in Russia, Canada, South Africa, Tanzania, and Brazil are the source of pink diamonds.


While buying a pink diamond it requires a lot of detailed attention. Slightly change in color leads to drastic changes in valuation. You should consult the fancy color diamond expert (not just regular diamond expert )

Two pink color diamonds with exact same certificates can have a huge valuation gap. It all depends upon the tone and saturation.

I have witnessed 1.20 carat fancy brown-pink sold for $18k and other 1.44 brown-pink sold for $13K.

Hence, I always suggest you to reach out the experts who can assist you unbiasedly, educate yourself about the important purchase. Don’t get rip off.

I will be super glad to provide you unbiased information related to pink colored diamonds.

You can contact me here or comment below your queries.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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Harsh Shah

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