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Diamond comes in a wide rage of color, from colorless through near-colorless and even colors like pink and blue.


Clarity refers to how free is a diamond from clarity characteristics i.e inclusion or blemishes.


Outline of a diamond refers to diamond shape. Round shape in most popular followed by princess & oval shape diamond.


Diamond cutting refers to overall cut quality. Including face-up appearance, design & craftsmanship i.e diamond's polish & symmetry.


Diamonds are weighted in metric carat. Don't confuse karat with carat both are different.


Diamond emits visible light when expose to ultraviolet rays or turns blue under black light. Diamond Fluorescence can vary in both intensity and color

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I first met harsh by chance from googling pictures of diamonds. I clicked on an image and it took me to his website, which I then started reading about diamonds and how to price them. I then decided to give it a try and send him an email. He was the best help I could ask for and so accurate with all his help, he became my consultant. He would tell me the same things other jewelers would tell me, and the best part was I know I could trust him because we never met, but would give me honest feedback about diamonds I would send him. Although we’re in different time zones, His responses were always fast and very well put and thorough. He cares about teaching the other person about diamonds and how to shop for them. I highly recommend reaching out to Harsh for help!!

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