The Graff Pink Diamond: Price & Facts


The Graff Pink is one of the most unique stone of pink diamonds division. Pink diamonds are magnificent jewels and considered to be the rare category of the diamond. Even rarer are those pink diamonds that exceed their weight by 5 carats. Mysterious History Of The Graff Pink Diamond Do you know the ancestry of … Read more

How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real or Fake?

How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real or Fake

The World is full of most precious jewels, but the diamonds are one of the top posts in a list. But how to tell if diamonds are real or fake?  In the century of history with mankind, diamonds played a different role in every decade. In a once, glory for mankind and on another side as … Read more

What Is Diamond Made Of? Diamonds Formation Facts


What is diamond made of ? what actually it is? Well, apart from girl’s best friend, Diamond is precious stone obtained from beneath of the earth, about 150-200 kilometers or 90-125 miles below the earth surface. It is one of the strongest and expensive mineral on the earth.. With high temperature and pressure in earth mantle world’s most … Read more

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