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James Allen Review 2018: Buying diamond after checking up James Allen diamonds vendor’s review makes a lot of sense.  Well, as you are going to make a big purchase in few days, it’s quite important to check which is the best place to buy diamonds online. James Allen is one of the best places to buy diamonds online in Canada, USA & worldwide. Further, you will read our’s and user’s unbiased reviews for James Allen diamonds vendor.

Firstly, diamond education is vital to make online purchases with confidence. You should know how to get maximum benefits out of your budget. Never get rip off, become a smart diamond buyer. Let’s check out James Allen Diamonds website’s review.

James Allen Review

James Allen
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James Allen is most popular & reputed online diamond vendor in Canada, USA & worldwide. What makes it so much popular and trusted brand? Is JamesAllen.com good or bad place to make a purchase? So, here is one of its kind of review where I’m going to reveal in and out of James Allen. I will be truly unbiased, as it is all about your’s hard-earned thousands of dollar, buying experience & precious life moment. We believe you should get maximum benefits for your bucks.

Can You Trust James Allen Diamonds? Know History & Background

Is it important to know jeweller’s background or history? Well yes, you should definitely know the entity you deal with has clear good records and reputation. Incorporated in 1998 by James Allen Schultz and his wife Michele Sigler. Back in 2005, It got brand-makeover as James Allen dot com. Since then it’s being more than 10 years offering quality good and services with the best use of technology. Oded Edelman & Dean Lederman combine their talents, ideas of innovation and joined the team. Mr. Deam is a diamantaire with 20 years of experience in diamonds manufacturing and retailing. Oded Edelman has a very reputed background in the diamond industry.

How does James Allen work? (secret revealed)

Now, that’s really amazing to know how James Allen Diamonds business work? All the diamonds which you see, browse on the site are not owned by them. James Allen works on modified drop shipping method. JA has worldwide offices located near different diamond markets globally. JA takes HD videos and images of diamonds and sends it back to its real owners. These videos, images, and diamond details are later updated on James Allen site for sale.

Now, when you make a purchase order. James Allen pickup from a supplier, do quality check & deliver this diamond to your door-step with insurance and other things kept in mind like elegant packaging, shipping time, customer support etc.

Fun Fact – Around 75-80% of diamonds are cut and polished in India.

Why Buy From James Allen Website?

Now, you know how JA works and it has a quite reputed history and background. Let us learn why you should buy from James Allen website. Learn what are the things that JA offers which no other online vendor offers. Know why James Allen is the best place to buy diamonds online in Canada, United States Of America and worldwide. Read James Allen review below

Website Interface  – Overall Diamond Buying Experience

360° HD Videos & Images – James Allen diamond vendor is one step ahead of its competitors like the Blue Nile, Tiffany & Co, White Flash etc. JA provides HD quality images and 360-degree high-resolution video. This makes even easier to buy low clarity grade eye clean diamonds. It makes easier to buy eye-clean SI2 instead of SI1 with center black inclusion, hence saves a lot of money. Experience 360° HD Videos Now

Easy Search & Navigation  – Site has very elegant and easy diamond search bar. You simply have to input your requirements and it will display all the diamonds within your required criteria. Advance filter option helps you to narrow down your selection. After, you can even compare 2-3 diamonds details side by side, by clicking on “Add to compare” button and browse under comparison tab.

Real-Time Diamond Consultation – You can consult a free diamond expert on the website and ask for any help if required. This is one of the best features and not provided by any other online vendors. You can live chat with a diamond expert and ask a question and get instant replies with interactive diamonds video sessions.

Design Your Own Ring – James Allen Diamonds site interface gives customer opportunity to design their own diamond ring virtually. This is something you will love the most. Because there is a lot of ideas available to choose for your engagement ring design. Designing your own ring is fun, Design your own ring now.

Value For Money – Price comparison

Find the One

Price comparison – Comparing the diamond price with brick & mortar. James Allen offers you 20-50% cheap compared to native jewel shop. Reason JA can offer diamonds at takeaway prices are; no showroom expenses, no inventory management expenses, low employee cost, low operational cost etc results in less costing, hence cheap price for customers.  If you compare James Allen & Blue Nile price, there is not much difference. Both online shops offer diamond at low prices. However, JA is one step ahead in 360-degree video technology & great customer support, which makes James Allen best place to buy diamonds online.

30 Day Free Return & 100% Money Back – For those who think a diamond must be bought in person and not online. So, here you can narrow down your selection from vast inventory. Next, you place an order and receive diamond. Now, in case if you don’t like a diamond, you can simply return it. You will receive 100% money back. However, the free return is only applicable for US customers and is limited to three per customer.

Free Lifetime Warranty – Being unbiased, now that is truly a fancy marketing sentence. James Allen Diamonds website claim “free lifetime warranty” which only includes free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating, cleaning services & manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. However, It very important to read terms & conditions before making a final purchase. Never buy blind, know every single thing before you buy diamonds online. Read James Allen Terms & Condition

Packaging & Shipping & Customer Service

Elegant Packaging – When you open a FedEx box, you will find every elegant grey colour thick cardboard box with James Allen name and logo on it.  In the centre of the box, you will find small red jewel box holding your diamond or engagement ring. Drawer at bottom of the box will hold all documents and gem cloth to clean diamond. Documents include an invoice, diamond certificate, appraisal copy & quality assurance card. Grey, White & Red colour packaging combination makes it very minimalist and attractive.

Ships Worldwide & Insurance – James Allen currently ships to these 22 countries  Australia, Austria, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom & United States. All the shipment are handled by FedEx or USPS. All diamonds are insured and registered with full value to protect customers confidence and faith. Get more details.

Customer Service –  JA provide 24*7  quick customer services. A customer can connect with them via web chat, email, call, send a message from James Allen Diamonds website. Alternatively, I just tried to contact them via social media, it took them 1 day to reply me on Facebook, Twitter. That’s okay, as I stay in another part of the world & have a long time gap.

Are There Anything Bad About James Allen Diamond?

Unlike other James Allen reviews on the web. I always wanted to tell people the truth, whether it’s good or bad, you should know every single thing. As I said before, This is an unbiased review about James Allen Diamonds. So, let start.

Retail Outlets: JA doesn’t have retail outlets, which means a customer cannot buy diamonds in person by seeing or feeling the product.

Answer – Buying diamond online is the biggest advantage today, as a customer get a lot of options to choose from, unlike any retails jewellery outlet where a customer has to select from very few options. Again JA cut down its inventory, place, employees etc cost, hence offers low price for customers. The best part is James Allen gives 30 days free return with 100% cash back, so you should definitely give it a try.

James Allen Diamonds
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Negative James Allen Reviews On Yelp: Few customers on Yelp have posted negative reviews of James Allen, how do you take it?

Answer – User reviews are the most important tool to find out vendors performance. However, after reading all negative review, I have found a very common cause, its “quality of metal”. People on Yelp said they are not happy with the quality and finishing of metal. So, Is it still a good place to buy? Read further.

Why Still I recommend James Allen For Loose Diamond?

CONCLUSION – You can buy a loose diamond from James Allen site & Ring setting, designing, polishing can be done from local jewellers. It’s a win-win for you. As you get a lot of cheap diamond option from JA. And ring’s metal & finishing quality can be inspected and altered unless you are satisfied.

I always recommend James Allen for buying loose diamonds online. As It is the best place to buy diamonds online in 2018. It provides 360 degree HD clear videos & Images, free diamond consultancy, diamond education, 150000+ diamonds inventory to choose from, design your own ring feature, free shipping and returns with 100% money back, 24*7 friendly customer support etc. Hence making your diamond buying experience memorable.

Keep in mind to make purchases in advance, 2-3 months prior to the anniversary or special day. As you get a lot of time, even if you think to replace diamond within 30 days.


I strongly recommend you should try out James Allen Diamonds without any doubt. Also, don’t forget to share your views, buying experience with us & other customers, use comment box. If you find this James Allen review worthy and true, kindly hit the like, share and tweet button. Comment down your question or send us an email asking your diamond question. I would really happy to help you with my best knowledge for free. Thank you.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah is the director of Pasavaja Gems LLP. He holds various diamond education degrees from GIA, De Beers Institute & Rapaport Acadamy. Harsh love assisting people to buy diamonds with his expert buying skills, market knowledge, and years of experience. Being loose diamond as his family business, he always wants to bring transparency and educate customers about diamonds. Apart from running diamond trading & manufacturing operations, he is extremely passionate about Internet Marketing, SEO & SMM.

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