Why Buying Lab-Grown Diamond Today Is Worst Decision?

lab grown diamond is bad investment

So you out there looking for best deals for a loose diamond. Someone told you to go for lab-grown diamond, as its cheap and you get a big size for less money. Wait, let me tell you here why you should not go for lab-grown diamonds. Just because it is cheap and you can buy … Read more

Interesting Facts About Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB-BKC)

Bharat-Diamond- Bourse-bkc

Diamonds are always pride for India. Whether it was the time of maharaja  or in present where Richie as maharaja , India is always on top when we talk about diamonds. Diamond trading is big in India. Out of every  10 stones cut and polished in the world, 8 are processed in India. More than 600,000 … Read more

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