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What Are Red diamonds?

The red diamonds contain a natural red hue. Indeed, the blood-red diamonds have won the crown for the rarest diamonds in the world. In fact, blood-red diamonds are the biggest treasure of the diamond world.

Did you know that the natural red diamond symbolizes passion, power, and also ritual!

Red diamond buying guide

Red Colored Diamond Formation

The reason for the hue in the red diamond is not due to the impurities. In fact, the red color is seen in the diamonds due to internal deforming.

Due to immense pressure in the earth’s mantle, the atomic structure of diamond changes. This sometimes leads to the red hue in rough diamonds.

Isn’t the formation of natural red diamonds interesting? Also, do share your reviews in the comment section below!

Argyle Mines, the Best Source of Natural Red Diamonds

Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia mostly produces brown color diamonds. The small part of the production in argyle mines is pink diamonds, and highly saturated pinks are red.

In the past diamond mines from India & Africa have witness red diamonds as well. However pink and red diamond from argyle mine has some of the best color & tones.

Natural Rare Red Diamonds
Image credits – RioTinto

Intensity And Hue Of Red Colored Diamonds

Unlike other fancy color diamonds, the red color diamonds do not have intensity levels. Red diamonds are basically highly saturated pink diamonds and are graded by GIA as “fancy red” diamonds.

Orange, Brown, Purple are the popular overtone/secondary color seen with red diamonds.

So, How Rare Is A Red Diamond?

The red diamonds are extremely rare in their natural form. To understand how rare red diamonds are, there are only a few hundred such diamonds available worldwide. And most of them are less than half carat diamonds.

On a rarity scale considering secondary color with red as primary, purple ranks top followed by orange and brown.

Argyle Red Diamond Prices
Image credits – RioTinto

Red Diamonds Price & Valuation 

In fact, the value of the fancy red diamonds per carat is beyond the sky. The more saturated hue, the higher the value of the red diamonds. 

Red diamond costs US$ 1 million per carat and increases with size and color saturation.

After mining millions of carat of diamonds, few pink diamonds are recovered. Out of these few pink only couples of diamond has red or highly saturated pink body color. Hence the red diamonds are always the choice of all the investors and collectors.

How Secondary Color Affects The Red Diamond Price?

The brownish-red, purplish-red, and orange-red are the secondary hue of red diamonds.  On the rarity scale, purplish-red color diamonds are on top followed by orange-red & brownish-red tones.

Therefore the purplish-red diamonds fetch more value than the brownish-red diamonds and the orange-red diamonds

It is the tone & secondary hues that make a lot of difference in the valuation of red diamonds.        

Owners of Top 3 Popular Red Diamonds

  1. The Moussaieff Red Diamond is the largest red diamond. Indeed, this largest diamond is graded as a fancy red diamond by GIA. A Brazilian farmer found the largest red diamond. The owner of the most costly Moussaieff Red Diamond is Moussaieff Jewellers Ltd.
  2. The second-largest Red diamond is Kazanjian Red diamond has come in vivid blood red. This blood-red diamond weighs 5.05 carats. The Kazanjian Red diamond was found deep beneath in mine of South Africa. The Kazanjian Brothers own the Kazanjian Red diamond.
  3. The Hancock Red diamond weighs 0.95 carats. The Brazil mine found the Hancock Red. At present, the owner of the Hancock Red diamond is Warren Hancock.

Red Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas & Setting

Although a majority of red diamond goes to private collectors & museums. But below is our standard ring design idea for red-colored diamonds. The below design can go well with treated red color diamonds too.

Design 1: Halo Setting For Solitaire Red Diamond Ring

The halo setting with white diamonds (colorless diamonds) around the red diamond is the perfect choice for solitaire rings. The halo setting boosts the shape and size of the red diamond. Mostly, the one-layer and two-layer halo settings are favored.  

Design 2: Cluster Setting For Solitaire Red Diamond Ring

The cluster setting gives a wonderful design to the red diamonds. The fancy color diamonds like pink and green are a good choice for the cluster around the center red diamond.

Design 3: Side Stone Setting For Solitaire Red Diamond Ring

Center red diamond with side stone gives minimalist look to the ring design. Although it is quite a common ring design with this you will never go out of trend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which are the famous Red color diamonds?

The Hancock Red Diamond, The Moussaieff Red Diamond, and The Deyoung Red Diamond are the most famous Red color diamonds.

  • Which mines source Red color diamonds?

The mines in Australia, India, Brazil, Russia, and certain African countries are the origin of Red color diamonds.

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