The Graff Pink Diamond: Price & Facts

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The Graff Pink is one of the most unique stone of pink diamonds division. Pink diamonds are magnificent jewels and considered to be the rare category of the diamond. Even rarer are those pink diamonds that exceed their weight by 5 carats.

Mysterious History Of The Graff Pink Diamond

Do you know the ancestry of this charming Graff Pink Diamond? No one knows from where it is originated, and yet has remained a mystery in this 21st century.


The Graff Pink, most famous pink diamonds was conserved around for 60 years in the remarkable collection of Harry Winston. It was sold by Harry Winston in the 1950’s to a private collector who wished to remain anonymous. Later was put to public eyes in the auction held by Sotheby’s auctioneers in Geneva, Switzerland on 16 November 2010.

This exceptional stone was auctioned to Laurence Graff, owner of Graff Diamonds, a legendary diamond collector known as the “King of Bling”. The history of the Graff Pink Diamond is still not clear.  But is said to believe that the emerald cut Graff Pink is got its color by absorbing the light in an unusual way and took billions of years for the formation inside the earth’s surface.

Astonishing Facts Of The Graff Pink Emerald Cut Diamond

  • The audience at the Sotheby’s attending the auction were astonished. For the peak price being compensated for this beautiful rare pink color and big size stone. As a result of its internally flawless clarity and vivid pink color, we can just assume its value. The price of Graff Pink is still $ XX,XX,XX,XXX.
  • This magnificent Graff Pink diamond remained record holder till 2017. Until the Pink Star came to rise.
  • The pink stone remained unnamed until the auction in Geneva. Later, the stone was named after the owner Laurence Graff in the auction.

So, What Is The Graff Pink Diamond’s Price?

Before the auction, the Graff Pink diamond to enter the top list of the most precious diamonds had an estimated cost of $27million to $38million. Mr Laurence Graff purchased it at an unbelievable price of $46 million making it the most precious stone of those times and breaking the record at the Sotheby’s auction house making it among the most expensive pink emerald cut stone, single jewels ever publicly sold.

The Graff Pink Diamond Details And Ring Design

This emerald cut Graff Pink diamond was set into a platinum ring. With a ring size 55 1/2 & two sensational shield-shaped stones at the sides. Which give the perfect first impression look to the stone in the centre. Graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as intense pink, potentially flawless clarity & type IIa diamond weighing 24.78 carats. Such magnificent jewel fell in the top 2% of precious diamonds of the world.

CARAT24.78 carat23.88 carat
COLORIntense PinkVivid Pink
CLARITYPotentially FlawlessInternally Flawless

Mr Laurence Graff was yet not satisfied with the pink diamonds’ clarity and color. Because the Graff Pink consisted of 25 natural flaws. Therefore, it was planned to remove the natural flaws and heightening the intensity of the color. The best professional further repolished the graff pink diamond. Later, The Graff pink diamond was bought to more precision with internally flawless clarity and vivid pink colour.

Repolishing the graff pink diamond lost 0.90-carat weight. However, making it the most perfect pink colored emerald cut diamond with doubling its value.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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