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This is our first article in the new series of  “Diamond Buying Guide”. Here we will discuss the initial things to consider while buying a diamond online or offline. I assume you might have read my previous articles about diamonds basic information. Below are the few things you should keep in mind while start hunting for perfect diamond.

Below listed points will help you to choose and make up your mind about how your future diamond will be. But before this, you must have basic knowledge about diamonds like 4c’s, diamond fluorescence, diamond certificate etc. Also, you must set up a budget in your mind. Finalising a budget to spend helps you to finalise other below-listed criteria. Check out this diamond pricing article which might help you to finalize your budget.things to consider

8 Things to Consider Before Buying Diamond

  • Knowing Recipient’s Preferences: The Very first thing you should consider is the choice and preferences of the recipient of a diamond ring. Things like any shape, size, colour etc she desired or like.
  • Choose Diamond Weight: Choosing the weight is the vital part of a diamond buying process. As it is directly related to diamond price. Try to know your fiance-to-be’s minimum expectation, like if 0.50ct diamond would disappoint her? Although 1-carat size is prefered mostly. Know How big is one-carat diamond and other size looks like.
  • Choose Diamond Shape: After You make up your mind for weight, it time to choose which shape you and recipient like most. Round brilliant is the most common shapes after Oval and Princess(fancy shape). Check out other unique diamond shapes here. Also, keep in mind the price for fancy shape will 30-50% cheaper than round brilliant shape. This is because round brilliant have a low yield-from-raw diamond.
  • Choose Diamond Color: Color grade has the greater impact on diamond price compare to Clarity grade. We recommend G-H-I colour has its considered as best value for money. After mounting “H” colour into jewellery it looks almost white (colourless) from face-up view. If you looking for a warmer colour go for K-L-M colour. Avoid D-E-F expensive colour unless it’s your girlfriend’s desired colour. Keep in mind, different shape reflects colours in different strength. Check out the side-by-side colour comparison.

Lesser known, But important things to consider.

  • Choose Diamond Clarity: Diamond Clarity is the biggest game changer and the best way to save your bucks. Believe me, I have seen few SI2 clarity diamonds looks better than VS2.  You can choose lower(si1-si2) clarity grade which as similar to better clarity (vs1-vs2) when seen through the naked eye in daylight. We will teach you how in our in-depth guide about choosing diamond clarity. Avoid expensive IF-VVS diamonds unless its what recipients desired to have it.
  • Choose Diamond’s Cut: Diamond’s cut has a greater impact on the brilliance, fire and scintillation in diamond. An “excellent cut diamond is more appealing to the eye when compared to “good cut”. I would recommend stick with the “excellent cut” or “very good cut” diamond avoid buying good or fair cut, it totally not worth. You like it because of its bling and its due to the excellent cut. Check out how different cut diamond looks like to naked eyes.
  • Choose Diamond Fluorescence, Polish & Symmetry: Fluorescence in diamond impacts its price 10-25% comparing diamond with no fluorescence. So, the question is whether fluorescence in a diamond is good or bad? Consider choosing “Excellent” or “Very Good” for polish and symmetry of round brilliant diamond.
  • Choose Diamond Certificate: We always recommend to buy GIA certified diamond followed by AGS & HRD. Avoid other lesser known lab certified diamond. There is a higher chance of getting rip off. Don’t end up paying more than the actual worth of a diamond. Stick to GIA lab certified diamond only, As they have higher and strict grading standards compare to other labs in the world. I highly recommend you to check out this article about diamond certificates and different labs.

Over to You

Above are the basic things to consider before buying any diamond. Please note above stated points should not be considered if you looking for a fancy colour diamonds like blue, pink, orange, purple, yellow etc. We will soon write an article about buying fancy colour diamonds.

Comment below and let know your view and queries about diamond buying. Get our 100% free guidance about the next diamond you going to buy. Send us an e-mail or contact us via this page. We are truly unbiased and we do not sell diamond here.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah is the director of Pasavaja Gems LLP. He holds various diamond education degrees from GIA, De Beers Institute & Rapaport Acadamy. Harsh love assisting people to buy diamonds with his expert buying skills, market knowledge, and years of experience. Being loose diamond as his family business, he always wants to bring transparency and educate customers about diamonds. Apart from running diamond trading & manufacturing operations, he is extremely passionate about Internet Marketing, SEO & SMM.

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