Diamond Brokerage Services In India

We are happy to announce the new service as Diamond Brokerage Services In India. From 1st Jan 2018, we will be offering our brokerage service for free to all our visitors.

Diamond Brokerage Services in India

About 75% of the world diamonds we see today are manufactured in India. We are connected with most of the big and small diamond manufacturer in Mumbai, Surat, Navsari and other small cities in India.

Diamond Brokerage Services In India - 印度钻石经纪服务Buying a diamond need lot of education or a trusted supplier which you can rely on. We daily receive numerous question about diamond buying via email and calls, we always take pride in providing right information and guidance, that saves your hard earned money. Won’t believe? get in touch with us and see how we could actually save your bucks.  Never get ripped off, become a wise diamond buyer.

Diamond Broker For Worlds Best Brands

We have been working with world best jewelry brands and top luxury companies. Read below to know, how you can take benefit of our free services.

This free diamond brokerage service is for diamond wholesaler, jewelry manufacturer, even for the end customers. We are happy to serve you all. You can contact us via email at (abluediam at gmail dot com) or simply jump to contact us page

Visit India for Buying Diamond, We are here to help you

Every year many of the diamond buyers visit Bharat Diamond Bourse, BKC, Mumbai to buy diamonds from manufacturers. Coming India for the first time for buying the diamonds? Don’t worry. Apart from finding diamond suppliers for you, we will even assist you in finding convenient accommodation and food recommendation. So that you can focus on your diamond buying mission.

We can help you to find all major shapes of diamond from 0.01-0.18ct+, 0.30-10.00+ carat size diamonds from D-M color, Fancy color. We help you to find both non-certified & certified ( GIA, IGI, HRD). Ranging all clarity FL, IF, VVS, VS, SI, I1’s & I2’s. After all, it’s our job to find right goods as per your requirements.


Diamond Broker Services For  Chinese Client –

如果你是新人,让我介绍一下。 我们是印度钻石经纪商,帮助珠宝和奢侈品牌从印度钻石制造商处购买钻石。

担心在哪里以及如何从印度购买钻石? 联系我们,我们将根据您的要求帮助您联系正确的供应商。 我们一直在一些着名的中国珠宝品牌。 添加我们的微信进行进一步交谈,请不要犹豫,问任何问题,我们真的想让您的购买体验更好。

我们的服务是100%免费给你的。 我们将帮助您与来自印度的钻石制造商联系。

Diamond Broker Services For Hebrew Client –

אם אתה חדש, תן לי להציג. אנחנו מתווך יהלומים הודי שעוזר לתכשיטים ולמותגי יוקרה לקנות יהלומים מיצרן יהלומים הודי.

מודאג איפה ואיך לקנות יהלומים מהודו? צור קשר ואנו נעזור לך ליצור קשר עם הספק הנכון על פי הדרישות שלך. לקבלת שיחה נוספת פנה אלינו, אל תהסס לשאול שאלות, אנחנו באמת רוצים להפוך את חווית הקנייה שלך טוב יותר. השירות שלנו הוא 100% חינם עבורך. אנו נעזור לך ליצור קשר עם יצרן היהלומים מהודו.

Why are we doing it for free?

For every successful business which we bring to our affiliated suppliers, they provide us half percent of the total amount. Hence, this diamond brokerage services are totally free for you.

For eg, If you buy from one of our affiliated suppliers of 5000 USD. A supplier will pay us 25 USD as brokerage fees.
We are affiliated with more than 150 diamond manufacturers & suppliers from India.

Below are some of the major Indian diamond manufacturers we work with.INDIAN DIAMOND MANUFACTURERContact us for any question related to diamond brokerage services in India.

Shhhh! Your Jeweler Never Want You To Know.

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