Diamond Certification – Know Diamonds Authenticity Certificate Report


A diamond certificate is the authenticity report/document of the diamond you are buying. Diamonds are the most precious gemstones in the world, thus it costs much. Diamond certification is the process done by labs considering different aspects beyond 4cs to identify real diamond and provides unbiased reports. The diamond report is also commonly known as “Diamond Certificate‘. … Read more

Anatomy Of A Round Diamond : Diamonds Education

Anatomy Of A Round Diamond

Anatomy of a round diamond is the first step towards diamond education. A Diamond is one of the best known and precious gemstone in the world. Each part of a diamond has a specific name and its fundamental study is essential to understand the diamond as a whole. The basic parts in the diamond anatomy are: … Read more

What is Diamond Shape ? 10 Most Popular Shapes of Diamonds

diamond shape

Round brilliant cut (RBC) is the most popular diamond shape among other shapes of diamonds. Cuts like Emerald, Princess, Asscher, Radiant, Cushion, Oval, Pear, Marquise & Heart can be bought online or from local markets. Various diamond shape and cut creates surprising fire and pattern in diamonds, thus diamond shapes add WOW factor. Very often people consider … Read more

Interesting Facts About Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB-BKC)

Bharat-Diamond- Bourse-bkc

Diamonds are always pride for India. Whether it was the time of maharaja  or in present where Richie as maharaja , India is always on top when we talk about diamonds. Diamond trading is big in India. Out of every  10 stones cut and polished in the world, 8 are processed in India. More than 600,000 … Read more

How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real or Fake?

How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real or Fake

The World is full of most precious jewels, but the diamonds are one of the top posts in a list. But how to tell if diamonds are real or fake?  In the century of history with mankind, diamonds played a different role in every decade. In a once, glory for mankind and on another side as … Read more

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