Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair – SJGF 2016 – All You Need To Know

Singapore Gem & Jewellery Fair - SGJF 2016

South Asia’s most prominent show, Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2016 is here.  After 3 successful years, SJGF will be staged again for 4 days from 4th to 7th November 2016 at Marina Bay Stand, Singapore. With over 200 exhibitors from 28 countries participating in offering various fashioned, rare, unique gem & jewelry. In this … Read more

Diamond Carat Size Chart Guide with Pricing Variation

Carat is the unit of measurement for the physical weight of diamonds. Diamond Carat is often confused by the term ‘size’ but it is actually the measure of a diamond’s weight and a reflection of its size. In simple terms, Carat is the weight of the diamond, how much a diamond can weigh. And the diamond … Read more

What is Diamond Clarity? Diamonds Inclusions, Blemishes & Purity

Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is basically a quality of diamonds based on the visual appearance of internal characteristics of a diamond called ‘Inclusions’ and defects on the surface of a diamond which is called ‘Blemishes’ (external characteristics) Clarity refers to the tiny particles that occur almost in all the diamonds. So, Clarity is one of the fundamental attribute of a diamond out … Read more

Diamond Cut Chart Guide : 4cs Diamonds Education

Diamond cut

A Diamond Cut is basically a method, a technique or design guide used when shaping a diamond for polishing which is highly responsible for diamond’s brilliance and its superiority. Don’t misguide yourself with diamond shape and diamond cut, both are different. Hearts, Pears Oval etc are considered diamond shapes. Whereas the craftsmanship (cutting) of any shape considered as diamond cut. … Read more

How To Identify Laser Drilled Diamond ? Know Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Identify Laser Drilled Diamonds

To identify laser drilled diamond is simple. Laser drilling is the process to enhance diamond clarity. It basically changes black inclusion into white, hence less noticeable with naked eyes. In this laser drilling process, a tiny hole is drilled with the laser which reaches to the black or color inclusion. Laser passed through that pit … Read more

Identify Man-Made CVD Synthetic Diamonds Education

Diamond Tester for real and fake diamonds

To identify man-made CVD synthetic diamonds was never easy. Lab-grown diamonds either produced by HPHT or chemical vapor deposition technology. CVD diamonds uses includes cutting tools, thermal conductors & consumer diamond gemstones. Even to tell if a diamond is real or fake is sometimes hard for the experienced jeweler.  However, Lab-grown diamonds are getting really popular as … Read more



Before buying loose diamonds online or from a retailer you must first understand the GIA 4Cs of diamond. Diamond’s color, clarity, cut & carat are termed as Diamond’s 4 Cs. Every diamond which you see in an engagement ring or in jewellery can be defined with this diamond 4cs guide. What is 4cs of diamond? Basically, … Read more

What Is Diamond Made Of? Diamonds Formation Facts


What is diamond made of ? what actually it is? Well, apart from girl’s best friend, Diamond is precious stone obtained from beneath of the earth, about 150-200 kilometers or 90-125 miles below the earth surface. It is one of the strongest and expensive mineral on the earth.. With high temperature and pressure in earth mantle world’s most … Read more

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