Natural Pink Diamond Guide – Argyle Pink, Real Price, Ring & Stud Ideas


What are Pink diamonds? Natural pink color diamond is an extremely rare category of colored diamonds. The niche of fancy colored diamonds and have an outstanding position for pink diamonds. Besides, the color formation is still a mystery to science.  The natural pink diamonds are the oldest of all fancy color diamonds. The reason is … Read more

Natural Brown Color Diamond Buying Guide – Price, Rarity & Ring Idea

Brown diamond buying guide

What Are Brown Diamonds? The majority of the natural diamond has a brown hue. Brown diamond is the most popular due to its availability and price. But to find a perfect brown color diamond is still a tough job. Brown diamonds come in ranges of color. Cognac diamond, Champagne diamond & Chocolate brown diamond are … Read more

Green Color Diamond Buying Guide – Price, Rarity & Ring Idea

Green diamod buying-investment guide

What Are Green diamonds? The green color diamonds are most fascinating in the diamond world due to its rarity. Only a few diamond dealers or collectors get lucky to witness natural green diamonds.  Interestingly natural green diamond rings are appealing for wedding bands as the green color diamond symbolizes a fresh start.  Are you aware … Read more

Purple Color Diamond Buying Guide – Price, Rarity & Ring Idea

Purple Diamond Guide

What are Purple diamonds? The magnificent purple hue in a natural purple color diamond gives an astonishing outlook to the viewer. The violet color diamond and purple color diamond are two categories of this fancy color diamond group. Do you know there are diverse names? Natural purple color diamonds are known by the number of … Read more

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