Cubic Zirconia VS Diamond – Side By Side Detail’s Comparison

Cubic Zirconia VS Diamond

Cubic Zirconia is nothing other than diamond simulant. So It’s quite important to know “Cubic Zirconia vs diamond” side by side facts and information. CZ is the commonly used abbreviation for Cubic Zirconia. We have received numerous emails from people around the globe asking the similar questions about CZ vs Diamonds. The most common questions are “how to identify Cubic … Read more

Things To Consider For Kick Starting Your Diamond Hunt

things to consider before buying a diamond

This is our first article in the new series of  “Diamond Buying Guide”. Here we will discuss the initial things to consider while buying a diamond online or offline. I assume you might have read my previous articles about diamonds basic information. Below are the few things you should keep in mind while start hunting for perfect diamond. Below listed points … Read more

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