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How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real or Fake?

How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real or FakeThe World is full of most precious jewels, but the diamonds are one of the top posts in a list. But how to tell if diamonds are real or fake?  In the century of history with the mankind, diamonds played the different role in every decade. In a once, glory for mankind and on another side as bloodshed.

Due to the precious in price and astonishing luster, diamonds have won the hearts of mankind. These make forgery in diamonds.

In the past, one of the most common techniques or a traditional method to test a solitaire is to scratch a diamond with glass –if a glass is scraped or scratched, the diamond is real. But some fake diamonds can also scratch glass. Scratching method is now outdated. So how can you tell if a diamond is real? Here, how you can examine. Below are the less recommended trick available on the various website to identify real diamonds.

Less Recommended – How to tell if diamonds are real or fake?  tell if diamonds are real

  1.  Examine Stone With Loupe:

Loupe is said as the magnifying glass, usually, a person can buy from a stationery or from jeweler shop.  While noticing gem under the loupe you will find imperfection in carbon because the majority of diamonds are made from nature factory. Man-made diamonds are usually clean with less or no impurities. This doesn’t mean every clean diamond is fake. Good gem quality real diamonds are eye clean and inclusion less. You might not find any impurities in real diamond, never misguide it as a fake one. Thus, using a loupe to tell if a diamonds are real or fake is for trained eyes only.

  1. See How It Sparkles:

Luster in diamond is its pride.  Inside the stone, it will sparkle grey and white (known as “brilliance”) while outside of the gem, it will reflect colors similar to the rainbow on surfaces (this dispersed light is known as “fire”). Some people misunderstand that diamonds sparkle like the rainbow, but in reality, they don’t.  Real diamond sparkle more as grey to white shiny, if you found rainbow inside a stone, it’s probably not real diamond or fake diamond. But Sometimes due to some kind of inclusion you may even find rainbow type reflection inside the diamond. Again telling if a diamond is real or fake based on its sparkles is tricky for untrained eyes.

  1. Fog Test – Check Real or Fake Diamond:

Tell If Diamonds Are Real or Fake - fog testAnother test requires exhaling on the gem, similar as seen in the picture. Diamonds are good at conducting heat. As soon as you fog, your breath on the stone would clear instantly. In case fog stays on stone, it’s probably a fake diamond. Diamond alternative Cubic  zirconium also shows the similar result as a real one so it makes a confusion.

  1. Stone Refractivity:

This trick is simple and easy for the household. Diamonds sharply bend or refract, the light that passes through, resulting in their strikingly brilliant appearance. Whereas other stones like glass and quartz sparkle less because they have a lower refractive index.Tell If Diamonds Are Real or Fake - read newspaper test

So with the help of this knowledge diamond can be examined with the help of the newspaper. Keep a stone on paper, If you can read print through the stone, then it probably isn’t a real diamond. Still, I recommend you to submit your stone to the Lab for authenticity & certification.

There are few more tricks on how to tell if diamonds are real or fake? available on different websites. Which I never recommend to any of my readers. This trick is less recommended as flat cut or rose cut stones would fail in this trick.

Highly Recommended –  How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real or Fake?

To tell if a diamond is real or fake is not an easy task even for trained eyes. If you never saw diamond before and doubt whether the stone you have is real or fake. Also, to answer your question “how to tell if a mounted diamond is real”, I recommend below listed points.

  1. Consult Gemologist: Trying yourself to examine real diamond with limited knowledge and resources may result in two conditions. One, you might throw real diamond considering fake one. Or keep a fake one in vault imagining it as a real diamond. So, I would suggest consulting a person with a gemologist degree. Or even you can ask your jeweler to help you in identifying the gem.
  2. Submit To Lab: Nothing can be better than this, submit your stone to a gem lab. GIA is the best lab which provides an accurate report on any gems. The gem lab will easily tell you every single detail of your stone and will provide gem certificate for future reference. You can rely on labs like GIA, IGI, HRD, AGL. If you don’t know how to submit stone to a lab, simply ask your jeweler to submit stone on your behalf. They are familiar with all gem grading labs.

So, Instead of a real diamond, what it could be?fake diamonds

  • Cubic  zirconium – It scratches easily and does not have the same fire and shine as diamonds. Commonly known as synthetic diamond.
  • Moissanite – Moissanite is harder than cubic zirconium and this stone is visually extremely bright, especially so as to blind the eyes temporarily. The main difference is that moissanite has an intense brightness of light than a diamond.  In Moissanite you can see rainbow colors, it gives an effect like a disco ball. Learn about how to identify moissanite from a diamond.
  • Lab-grown diamonds – These diamonds are technically “real” diamonds both chemically and physically, but the price of mined diamonds is comparatively high because it passes centuries for formation. Experts say lab-grown diamonds sell for about 30% to 40% less than a traditionally mined diamonds.

Over to you: So the next time you run across something you think is just cheap costume jewelry, it’s important to test it – just in case. We still suggest you to double check your diamond is real or fake by visiting jewelers shop or concern right person. Who knows? maybe your diamonds are real or fake. If you find this article about “how to tell if diamonds are real or fake” helpful please consider sharing on social media. Share awareness, help your friends to choose real diamonds. Got a question? comment below and gem experts will reply asap.


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