We loved helping thousands of people through our in-depth blog post and educational videos. However, I always advise in my every blog post to consult a gemologist or contact us before making a final purchase. It’s all about your thousands of dollar, so never get rip off, be a smart diamond buyer.

Unbiased Diamond Advice & Recommendation

We daily receive a dozen of email from United states, Germany, Canada, China, Hongkong, United Kingdom, Italy, India and another part of the world. The most common mail we receive is about “Diamond Advice” and “Diamond Recommendation”.

So, To get best and fast replies for your question below are some guidelines to follow.

For Diamond Recommendation, Email Us Below Details

1. Budget – Please let us know your budget, be realistic. We will try to find the best diamonds recommendation under your budget. So Be precise about your budget for loose certified diamond. (without setting, mounting). For example, my budget for a loose certified diamond is 3000$ to 3500$.

2. Preferences – Tell us your/recipient choice and preferences for owning a diamond. Like, specific color or clarity you/he/she is looking for. Or not-to-have specific color, clarity etc. Give us maximum details about your/his/her choice of buying, for example, Diamond fluorescence is okay for you/him/her.

3. Specific Days or Dates – Is there any days or date limit to make a purchase? if so, please mention date/days in an email. Like, within this month, I have to make a purchase of a loose diamond. Or like, before 31 Dec 2017,  I have to buy a diamond.

If you found 2 diamonds, and you are confused which to buy, shoot us an email with below details

For Diamond Advice, Email Us Below Details

  1. Diamond Details – Provide us every single piece of information about the diamond. Which includes diamond images & videos, certificates, heart & arrow images etc. Provide us the link to vendors website, so that we can access all the details.
  2. Price – If you are making the purchase offline, let us know the pricing of the stones. It is the vital point while making the diamond purchase.

For other details related to website, articles or other information. You can connect with us anytime


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